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May 28

Mordheim Terrain – Stairs

Author: Ashton Sanders

I have done some more work on my companion piece for my Mordheim Urban Hill Terrain. I have cut out the three sets of stairs, and come up with an idea for the low wall.

How to create stone stairs out of Pink Foam:

Mordheim Stairs out of Pink Foam

Here is how I did it: Read the Rest of the Post >

May 27

Mordheim Elevation Platform #2

Author: Ashton Sanders

I was very happy with how my first Mordheim Platform came out, and I’ve been thinking about making another one. Then Terragenesis came out with a competition for “companion pieces,” and since I haven’t entered a competition for a little while, I decided to go for it.

I decided to make a piece of terrain like my first one, only larger. Here is my first sketch of it:

Mordheim Terrain Read the Rest of the Post >

May 26

Miniature Carrying Case

General,Mordheim Construction
Author: Ashton Sanders

Mordheim Miniature Carrying CaseAs a young’un, I’ve created two carrying cases for my minis, because there was no way I was going to pay GW a ridiculous amount of money for them to make one for me. I found a box I wanted to use, cut a piece of yellow foam (like what they use for seat cushions) to fit inside the box. Cut off a half an inch slab of the top with a razor blade, and then with scissors, cut a perfectly sized hole for my miniature. When we got into Orcs, we found a plastic “briefcase” for the Orc and Goblin warband, and we did the same thing for that. Since the briefcase is a cooler miniature carrying case, I’m going to see If I can get most of my miniatures to fit in that carrying case.

This of course means that I need to create another foam insert for my new miniatures. Read the Rest of the Post >

May 24

Mordheim Tree

Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve been bothered about the lack of dead trees and plants in Mordheim. You can’t deny that there must have been trees and bushes in Mordheim before the comit hit, why have I never seen any burnt tree stumps in the rubble of Mordheim? I don’t really know, but I’m determined to create a tree for Mordheim; or at least the remains of one. So I started trying to think of something that would allow me to create this. I ended up creating a “planter” for some tree stumps.

Mordheim Tree Read the Rest of the Post >

May 21


In my cruising through random Mordheim pictures, I saw a picture of some custom(?) wyrdstone counters that seemed to be made out of plastic. They just looked like large green rocks, and I remembered that I had started putting together some wyrdstone counters when I was playing the game (in 2000?). Being a packrack, I still had a couple zip lock bags in my Mordheim Box! So, I pulled them out, and put together these sweet Wyrdstone Counters:

Wyrdstone Counters by Ashton Sanders

Mordheim Wyrdstone Counters
Click to Enlarge

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May 20

Mordheim Funny v1

Mordheim Games
Author: Ashton Sanders

As I mentioned earlier, my neighbor’s son has taken a liking to the game of Mordheim. He is young and not exactly a tactician, but as my protege, he will soon be kicking some trash. In the last month or so, I’ve been teaching him how to play Mordheim. So far, I’ve taught him the basic rules of movement, shooting and close combat. He’s also pretty good with do the to-hit, to-wound and “see what happens to the poor bloke.” (I do the calculating. “You need a four to hit, and a five to wound with the dagger,” etc.)

So far I’ve taught him the herd tactic: “Staying in a group is better than dying one at a time.” Which is still working on a little bit.

Anyway, tonight we played our third Mordheim game (and walked through most of the after game actions for the first time).

But, he did manage to pull of one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen with Skaven. Read the Rest of the Post >

May 18

Five Painted Squigs

Forget the Dog, beware of the Squigs!

Mordheim Squigs
Painted by Ashton Sanders

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May 17

Mordheim Board Test

Mordheim Board,Mordheim Construction
Author: Ashton Sanders

To follow up on my Mordheim Board Thoughts with some actual terrain:

I have a spare piece of pink foam lying around and decided to make another (larger) platform out of it, but before I do that, I have used the underside as a test surface so I can test out my different board ideas and throw away the ones that are horrible. Pictures are better that words, so here you go:

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May 16

Mordheim Board Thoughts

Mordheim Board,Mordheim Construction
Author: Ashton Sanders

When I first got started in Mordheim, my grandfather helped me to create my first Mordheim Board. We took a 4’x4′ section of plywood, glued a bunch of sand to it, and then painted it with a beige house paint. We chose beige cause we had it left over. When I moved to Montana, I had a friend bring it up from my parents house. unfortunately they had to cut it half to fit it their car. Here’s a small image that I dug up that will give you a good idea of what the board looked like:

Mordheim Board v0.1

Obviously, the color is all wrong, so I ended up painting it a dark “cherry brown” which unfortunately wasn’t very matte. So I’ve done a wash of dark brown to add some texture and dull down the shine.

Anyway, where I’m going with this is Read the Rest of the Post >

May 15

Painting Squigs

Mordheim Models,Orcs and Goblins,Painting
Author: Ashton Sanders

Now that I’ve removed the paint from my metal Squig yesterday, he needed some new paint today. Since I am going with an orange theme for my Mordheim Orc and Goblin Warband, my cave squigs are going to be orange.

First thing to check is to make sure there are no mold lines still on the model. (I never knew to check for these on metal models, so I started painting my first coat before I realized they were there) I took a razor blade and trimmed them back the best I could.

Mordheim Squig Read the Rest of the Post >

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