May 27

Mordheim Elevation Platform #2

Author: Ashton Sanders

I was very happy with how my first Mordheim Platform came out, and I’ve been thinking about making another one. Then Terragenesis came out with a competition for “companion pieces,” and since I haven’t entered a competition for a little while, I decided to go for it.

I decided to make a piece of terrain like my first one, only larger. Here is my first sketch of it:

Mordheim Terrain

As you can see there are a 6 ways to get onto this terrain. I really liked having all those entries, but I didn’t like where the large stairs were place. After thinking about the design, I came up with the following. Again, I used a slab of pink foam, and carved my design and the tiles into it with my expensive carving tool (free bank pen):

Mordheim Elevation

The three boxes in the corners are sets of stairs, I didn’t bother drawing the stairs in the fourth corner since it will be destroyed.I’ll probably end up destroying at least two other sections to make this terrain as playable as possible.

I am planning on creating a small wall around the entire thing to add more details to the piece of Mordheim terrain (and cover for shooters). This is a very simple concept, and I’ll need to do a lot of work with it to make it compete well in this competition.
Updates on the Way,
-Ashton Sanders

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