May 4

12 years pass, and the dust falls off Mordheim!

Author: Ashton Sanders

Life has changed in many ways since my last Mordheim post 12 years ago. I moved from Montana to Oregon, and I’ve had two children, but I still love Mordheim! The stars have finally aligned again, and it’s time to get back into Mordheim.

I stored all my Mordheim terrain, models and supplies in the garage, with only some damage from when I pulled them out two show kids hope to play. Haha.

I started on a couple terrain pieces, painted up a few more orcs and finished creating the storage briefcase for the Orc and goblin Warband. And I’ve started testing some ways to use the CNC to create a great Mordheim board.

And one of the most exciting parts of breaking out the great game of Mordheim is sharing it with my two boys who each glued, based, primed and painted a black orc Warband!

Thanks for following.

See you in the city of the damned soon!



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