May 4

12 years pass, and the dust falls off Mordheim!

Author: Ashton Sanders

Life has changed in many ways since my last Mordheim post 12 years ago. I moved from Montana to Oregon, and I’ve had two children, but I still love Mordheim! The stars have finally aligned again, and it’s time to get back into Mordheim.

I stored all my Mordheim terrain, models and supplies in the garage, with only some damage from when I pulled them out two show kids hope to play. Haha.

I started on a couple terrain pieces, painted up a few more orcs and finished creating the storage briefcase for the Orc and goblin Warband. And I’ve started testing some ways to use the CNC to create a great Mordheim board.

And one of the most exciting parts of breaking out the great game of Mordheim is sharing it with my two boys who each glued, based, primed and painted a black orc Warband!

Thanks for following.

See you in the city of the damned soon!



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  1. TheAuldGrump May 4th, 2021 4:18 pm

    It is a good time to get back into Mordheim – especially if you are willing to get a 3D printer.

    A Kickstarter for ‘Scoundrels of the Damned Ruins, and plenty of 3D printable terrain, including free reconstructions of the original Mordheim terrain from the boxed sets.

    The KS recreates proxies of the original Mordheim Mercenaries. Addons for river patrol, guardsmen, cultists, and witch hunters. (No female kit yet.)

    Patreons also have good terrain pieces for the game – 3D Dark Creations is doing six ruined buildings this month.

    My wife and I are preparing a narrative campaign for when everyone has their vaccinations. She’s doing models, I am hammering out rules and scenarios.

    I’ve started blocking in weekly events – for one week the warbands will be delving into an area while it is on fire – they need to, since wyrdstone is flammable – and if they don’t retrieve it now, it will be up in smoke.

    The week after will have a -1 penalty on all ranged combat, from smoke. But the smoke won’t be a surprise, so the warbands can prepare for it.

    There will also be an optional weekly pit fight, with each warband allowed to send up to three members into Piotr’s Pit to fight for fame and gold. (It’s a trap – once enough people die in the pit, Piotr becomes a Daemon Prince.)

    I am pretty sure GW itself is making Mordheim plans as well.

  2. Matt May 4th, 2021 8:16 pm

    Welcome back! Good to see you still alive and doing well. I played my first ever game of Mordheim a few weeks ago, had a great time. My Reiklanders vs pesky Skaven. Looking forward to seeing where you go with your re-emergence.

  3. Ashton Sanders May 6th, 2021 12:59 am

    Thanks Matt! Cheers!

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