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Mordheim Story Line

“On the last year of the second millennium… there fell a time unlike any other. Just as they had before the birth of the divine Sigmar, the wings of fire in the sky again heralded the coming of great things.”

It has been almost two thousand years since Sigmar Heldenhammer purged from our lands the monstrous hordes that dwelt here. Withing the World of Warhammer, the northern human city of Mordheim was a prosperous one with a mighty river, Stir, running through it. It was in this city of Mordheim, on the final year before the beginning of the third millennium, that the signs of the prophecy were first seen. In the sky was seen wings of fire. As the year wore on, the wings became larger until the last day of the second millennium came to a close, and the comet with two fiery wings crashed into the city of Mordheim, killing all within the city walls, save for the Sisterhood of Sigmar in their high fortress on an island rock in the middle of the river Stir.

After the two-tailed comet (sometimes referred to as the Hammer of Sigmar) crashed into the city, destroying the inhabitants, a foul mist hung over the city for a week. By the time the first of the curious returned to the city, they found the destroyed city crawling with shadows and mutant creatures. Almost anyone entering the city alone were never seen of or heard from again.

Then came the news of a unique stone found within the ruins of Mordheim. This stone has the ability to turn base metals into gold and sane men into lunatics. Despite the latter, groups of mercenaries formed warbands with only one purpose: to find this Wyrdstone, and soon encampments were forming all around Mordheim to collect and sell as much Wyrdstone as possible. Fortunes are made and broken daily within the walls of Mordheim.

Thus begins the game of Mordheim.

Mordheim Summary

Mordheim is a table-top war game. Image a game of chess where instead of a small board with tiles, you have a 4’x4′ board and your pieces can move in any direction they want. Mordheim does a good job of creating a real street battle with miniatures. Your models can do just about anything a real human can do, namely: climb, jump, run, walk, hide, fight, fall and more.

The game uses normal 6-sided dice to create the randomness of the real world. For example, the dice will tell you if your arrow hit, if you succeeded in climbing a wall, or if your attack was parried or blocked by armor. And since dice is so unpredictable, just about anything is possible in the world of Mordheim, which makes the game that much more fun.

I created this Mordheim Picture for the Mordheim Wikipedia Page. I tried to summarize the game of Mordheim in one picture:

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