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Nov 8

Mordheim Horse Cart gets some Paint

Random Terrain Bits,Terrain
Author: Ashton Sanders

I think is the longest incomplete Mordheim project I have ever had. I started this horse cart in Novermber of last year (almost 1 year ago). Here is this almost-complete horse cart as it sits on my desk today:

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Nov 5

Mordheim Well

First off, Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Secondly, Here’s my first completed terrain project in quite a while. (June?)

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Nov 3

Mordheim Planter

Author: Ashton Sanders

To continue with progressing on my incomplete projects, I have this little Mordheim Planter, if you can call it that.

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Nov 1

Some Scenic Bits for Morheim & Environs

Random Terrain Bits,Terrain
Author: DeafNala


I would like to introduce the first co-author on the Mordheim in Montana Blog. Although this gifted wordsmith isn’t actually located in Montana, he is a talented Mordheimer, painter and terrain maker (as you will soon see) and will make an excellent addition to this blog.

I was extremely lucky to receive the following fine terrain bits as a gift in exchange for taking pictures of them. Don’t tell my parents, but these are the sweetest gifts I’ve gotten in a long time. =)

Ashton Sanders

This is a variant of the “I Work For Food” [which I DO Suspect ] theme; in this case, it’s “I paint for pics.”


Below we find a Group shot of the Thingys I dispatched to Ashton to ply his AMAZING photograhic talents upon, AND to test his patience with NUMEROUS questions of ASTOUNDING stupidity:
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Oct 29

Incomplete Mordheim Well

Random Terrain Bits,Terrain
Author: Ashton Sanders

For one of my last Mordheim terrain pieces, I created a well to accompany it in a competition. The competition came down to the wire before I had everything painted, so I skipped the well, leaving it on my workbench waiting to be painted.

As I try to finish up all of my incomplete projects, I have done some painting:

Mordheim Well base painted

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Oct 28

Mordheim Modular Fence – Part 3

Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve finally started completing the incomplete projects I have lying around. These fences have been asking for paint for months.

Mordheim Fence Painted

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Jul 19

Mordheim Entrace Gate

Author: Ashton Sanders

Now that I created the Mordheim Sign, I need posts to put it on. I decided to have these posts be part of my Modular Fence.

Mordheim Entrance

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Jul 11

Mordheim Sign

Author: Ashton Sanders

I have been throwing around the idea of a Entrance to Mordheim, but haven’t come up with any extraordinary ideas. As I was looking at my modular fence for Mordheim, (and I will get back to creating that… I swear) I realized I could create a entrance that went along with that fence…

(Most images you see of the city walls around Mordheim are of huge stone walls, but those aren’t very useful for playing the game of Mordheim, so I’m using a fence. =])

So the first step of my Mordheim Entrance is to create a Mordheim Sign to welcome visitors to the City of the Damned.

Step 1.

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Jul 9

Gold Medal Mordheim Terrain

Author: Ashton Sanders

I have been building my latest Mordheim terrain project for the Companion Piece Competition at (That link will direct you to the completed entries for this competition.) I am proud to announce that I just barely stole 1st place with my Mordheim Terrain Platform!


Mordheim Terrain Platform

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Jun 30

Mordheim Terrain Platform – Completed

Completed Projects,Elevation,Terrain
Author: Ashton Sanders

I have now completed my second Mordheim Terrain Platform/Elevation!

Mordheim Terrain Platform

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