Nov 8

Mordheim Horse Cart gets some Paint

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Author: Ashton Sanders

I think is the longest incomplete Mordheim project I have ever had. I started this horse cart in Novermber of last year (almost 1 year ago). Here is this almost-complete horse cart as it sits on my desk today:

Mordheim Horse Cart

Since my first post on this cart, I have attached the wheels to an axel that actually turns. I have also added the wooden posts that you would attach the horse to. And obviously, I’ve given it some paint. After a black base coat, I gave it one layer of brown. I’ve got a little bit of detail painting to do on it to finish it.

What’s kind of cool about this horse cart is that it is almost perfectly balanced, so very little weight (like a model) will rock it back and forth (just like in Pirates of the Carribean =]).

Ashton Sanders

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