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Feb 9

AMA + Thoughts by a developer

Mordheim Tactics
Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve been following the Mordheim Facebook group for a while, waiting until I can start playing again. I found this great summary of thoughts from a developer on what he thinks he did right and wrong with creating the rules for Mordheim, and it’s fantastic!


Update: Joel brought to my attention that this AMA is inside a Closed Facebook Group for Mordheim. You’ll need to join to the group to read the AMA.


Jun 20

Starting Orc & Goblin Mordheim Warband

Mordheim Tactics,Orcs and Goblins
Author: Ashton Sanders

I got forced into Orcs when I started up Mordheim again because I was the only one with the Mordheim warbands, and I couldn’t just have Skaven Warbands. But boy am I glad I did. I now understand the craze people feel for the greenskins. I’m in the middle of a campaign with a Orc and Goblin Warband, and I’m doing pretty well. I’ve developed/read about/seen a couple different tactics for starting an Orcs and Goblins warband in Mordheim, and I’ll try to share my thoughts on them here:

Orc and Goblin Necessities

No matter what direction I go with a Orc and Goblin Warband, I will always get all four heroes (200gc) as that directly affects my income after every game. Only getting four heroes to start is probably the biggest draw-back for the Orcs and Goblins.

Squigs and Goblins and Orcs, Oh My!

This is the warband I am currently playing with, and is probably the most fun of the Orc and Goblin warbands to start with. Read the Rest of the Post >