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Starting Orc & Goblin Mordheim Warband

Mordheim Tactics,Orcs and Goblins
Author: Ashton Sanders

I got forced into Orcs when I started up Mordheim again because I was the only one with the Mordheim warbands, and I couldn’t just have Skaven Warbands. But boy am I glad I did. I now understand the craze people feel for the greenskins. I’m in the middle of a campaign with a Orc and Goblin Warband, and I’m doing pretty well. I’ve developed/read about/seen a couple different tactics for starting an Orcs and Goblins warband in Mordheim, and I’ll try to share my thoughts on them here:

Orc and Goblin Necessities

No matter what direction I go with a Orc and Goblin Warband, I will always get all four heroes (200gc) as that directly affects my income after every game. Only getting four heroes to start is probably the biggest draw-back for the Orcs and Goblins.

Squigs and Goblins and Orcs, Oh My!

This is the warband I am currently playing with, and is probably the most fun of the Orc and Goblin warbands to start with. Squigs are so great at the beginning of a campaign with WS4 and S4, so I wanted to get all 5 of them (warband max). This means I would need to get 5 goblins, of which I would give one or two of them squig prodders and the rest of them get short bows. That’s 10 members in your warband for less than 200gc. These are your cannon fodder, and they are very easy to replace. The four Orc heroes brings the warband total to 14 and leaves 100 gold for equipment for them. I went ahead and got a Orc Boy (henchman) to work on getting another Hero, giving me 75 gold to equip my five Orcs. I would recommend getting more Orc Boyz as soon as you can to get more heroes.

Greenskins Bash’um Good

With 4 toughness, Orcs start out better than most units for Close Combat. Orc Boys armed with a club and dagger only cost 28gc, so you can get 8 of them for 224gc, leaving 76gc to equip your 4 heroes. Thats 12 Orcs in a starting warband! And since they all gain experience, they’ll all be getting better as you continue to play. (This is probably the warband a “power player” would create. It’s very powerful, but not as much fun as the above. =])

Big and Scary Troll

Trolls are a great investment for a Orc and Goblin warband. Yes, they have a 15gc upkeep and they’re stupid, but they will NEVER DIE! There is no chance that the troll will die after being put Out of Action; not to mention the unmodified 4+ armor save, three attacks, three wounds and causing fear. No matter which way you look at them, they are tough adversaries if you can get him into combat. If you get a troll and the four heroes, that only leaves 100gc for equipment and the rest of your warband. I’d try to get up to 9 models if at all possible, but it may have to wait a round or two.

Shooty Orcs

Although a shooty warband doesn’t take advantage of the Orc’s 4 toughness, there is no reason they couldn’t pull it off. I saw one guy arm as many Orcs as possible with Crossbows, which I would not do. Crossbows cost 15gc extra and only give you +1 str, and makes it so you can’t move and fire on the same turn. Bows cost more than 50% less, and is not much worse. If you’re going to go for a shooty Orc warband, I would get a pile of Orcs with bows, and a handful of Goblins with short bows (5 for 100gc). Then get close combat weapons for them as you get GC from games.

There’s my thoughts on starting an Orc and Goblin Warband.

Hope it helps,
-Ashton Sanders

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  1. bolerus July 22nd, 2008 6:40 am

    Hi all. Just started my first Orc & goblin war band (my usual band is a dwarf thunderers band)

    started off with

    big boss with 2 axes (no armour)
    shaman with axe
    1 big un with axe (and free dagger)
    1 big un with halberd
    2 orc warriors with axe and free dagger.
    5 goblins with short bows (and dagger)
    1 goblin with a prodder (to help control those squigs)
    4 squigs

    For a massive starting band of 16, (and 10 of them only count as half towards the rout test)

    our little group play as. 1 set of rekland warriors, 1 sister of sgmar, and 2 skaven bands (those two players are rarely there at the same time so 2 skaven bands shouldnt be too much of a problem, just means they cant play each other) I also have my dwarf band free, so there is some room to change if 2 skaven groups causes problems.

    Of all them, I think im most concerned about the sisters, I should be able to sneak up on those nasty hooman archers of reikland, or if i can get my gobbies close enough to keep control, do some damage to them with the squigs taking the arrows (have a distinct feeling most of my enemies will be taking to the trees – well the higher levels of buildings- to stay away from the might squigs )

    we should be kicking off the campaign this week, so I may well keep this updated as to how it goes 😛

    If that wont bore too many people

  2. Ashton Sanders July 22nd, 2008 4:36 pm

    That’s a great starting warband. You’ll definitely be a force to reckon with.

    My only recommendation would be to cut 1 guy out to get down to 15, because that 1 extra guy will cost you 5-10 gold every time you sell your wyrdstone.

    (Also don’t forget to put your two orc henchmen into separate henchmen groups 😉

    I’m curious to see how your games go.
    Good Luck!
    -Ashton Sanders

  3. bolerus July 25th, 2008 2:38 am

    well, last night we had our first battle (only had one because we started late and it was gone midnight by the time we finished)

    First battle was a breakthrough against humans (reiklanders) with them attacking.

    It may be a good time to note, with the above war band list, I had mis-remembered and in fact I had 3 orc boyz for a total of 17 models at the start.

    On set up.

    He placed his 5 bow men in 3 story building at his end of the map, and lined the rest up to move towards me, mostly (as it turned out) heading towards the centre

    I decided to leave a fair amount of my band at the back in case he managed to break though, so i left 4 goblin archers, 2 orc boyz and a squig.

    i sent a gobby archer, orc boy and orc hero up the left flank, my big boss, and other orc hero up the middle, using cover to move forward and my shaman 3 squigs and goblin with a prodder to control them up the right flank. (this was to be my main assault)

    It was obvious early on that the centre was his main attack, and I decided to move one of the right flanking Squigs towards the centre to help out (that turned out to be a mistake)

    as soon as we had moved within bow range, and the fight really started ( I wont bore you all moves of the early turns) he started to pepper my war boss on his turn, and also took a pot shot at my squig that was moving in to help, and had wandered ito the open, archer had a Bs of 4, he had moved, and it was long range, ( i wasnt too worried) then rolled a 6 to hit the squig, a 5 to wound ( ouch) then another 6 for the effect, and yup out goes the squig ( he also failed the survival test at the end to become a dead squig)

    On my turn, the war boss thought he heard one of the goblins call him a pin cushin, and spent he turn throwing insults back at his own boys (yup failed his animosity test) the shaman tried to cast his 1 spell (fire of gork) and failed miserably. my hero with a halberd, charged at the closest enemy, who happened to have a spear, and got impaled (and taken out of action).

    All in all the first round of combat didnt go well for me.

    the next round, he charged a few but luckily for me ignored my shaman (perhaps the spell fail had given him a false sense of security)

    and fired a few more arrows at my war boss( that toughness of 4 REALLY helps)

    at this point, he had his leader, and 2 heros moving towards my pinned down big boss.

    My shaman tried again with the fire of gork trick, this time hitting one of his heros and taking him oow.

    one of my squigs took out one of his henchmen, and my other big un stunned one of his swordsmen, even a goblin archer managed a good hit on one of the pesky humans (a 6 to hit ) for another knockdown

    the fight carried on in the middle, he carried on similair tactics, lots of fire at my leader from his archers ( in the end that was his mistake, he concentrated on the wrong target) and his leader and another (swordsman i think) moved towards him.

    On my turn i moved fired again with the shammy, knocking 1 archer out of the window to fall 4 inches to his death and killed another outright (decided to split the spell)

    I was able to get 2 squigs and my leader in at those two units 1 squig stunned the swordsman, whilst the other actually managed to knockdown his leader, who was easily then dispatched by my big boss.

    on his turn he turned and ran from the field with what was left of his little band.

    in the aftermath, his leader , his champion and one of his henchmen, all died of their wounds, and he decided to disband and rebuild a fresh.

    All in all, I was pretty lucky with dice rolls, but also he underestimated the power of the shaman.

    A good first fight, and hopefully more in the same vain to come.

    Gosh that was a bit of a novel lol.

  4. Ashton Sanders July 25th, 2008 11:53 am

    Great Battle Report! And good job!

    Quick note: Animosity only affects henchmen. So your Warboss is not affected (or any other heroes). Also remember that the henchmen will never charge a hero.

    I look forward to the next one!

  5. bolerus July 25th, 2008 4:11 pm

    oh darn it, yeah just re-read its only henchmen that have to do animosity. Ah well didnt make too much difference.

    Have to ask, where did you get the henchmen will not charge a hero rule? I am reading the manual at moment, is it in there somewhere?

    on page 24 it says a model may charge any model. cant see any mention of not chargin heros, or is it an orc 7 goblin thing?

  6. Ashton Sanders July 26th, 2008 8:35 am

    Re: Henchmen with Animosity charging a hero:

    The rules for rolling 1 – 1 are pretty complicated, and the paragraph is very long. Near the bottom of the paragraph, the rule says “If none of the above applies, or if the nearest friendly model is an Orc Hero, the warrior behaves as if a 2-5 had been rolled on this chart.”

    It took me a long time to figure it out. When I first figured it out, I started a thread at Tom’s Boring Mordheim Forum about it to make sure it wasn’t just a mis-typed rule. Here’s the Animosity Thread.

    I hope that helps.
    -Ashton Sanders

  7. bolerus July 26th, 2008 4:39 pm

    ohh got ya, thanks, sorry mate i didnt realise you were talking about not charging a hero because of animosity, I thought you meant henchman can’t charge an enemy hero (phew was panicking then lol)

    Things are a bit delayed at the moment, because one of the guys playing is playign a sisters band, he ordered a set from games workshop (we are in the U.K. btw) and 10 days later it still hasnt arrived.

    (we have said that he can build his band on paper and then use other models (some human models probably) to represent his sisters untill the real ones arrive)

    Also, one of the players has never played before so we are teaching her the rules.

    soon the mighty Squigs will be feared by all 🙂

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