Feb 21

Skaven Vs Orcs Mordheim Timelapse

Author: Ashton Sanders

We set up a camera above our table for the boys and I to play a quick game of Mordheim with mini warbands (of approx 250 gold each). The boys each got a Captain, Shaman, 1 Big ‘Un, 1 Goblin with a squig prodder and 1 Squig. Dad had 6 Skaven.

My oldest decided to try his hand video editing, so here’s his first go with very little help from me.

We played the Treasure hunt game, and a small spoiler: I quickly regret finding the treasure.

Big Spoiler: My youngest did end up securing the treasure and the game. I routed almost immediately, and the boys never did. From the treasure chest, the orcs found almost everything possible! It was some amazing after-action rolls for his first game of Mordheim. He was very excited.


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