Apr 20

Painting Orcs – Almost Done

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Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve finally gotten around to painting my first two models since I grew up

Orc Warband Storyline:
I haven’t settled on a complete storyline for my Orc Warband yet, but these Orcs’ homeland has a odd, orange stone that when smashed into powder and rubbed on skin with water creates a great Orange Dye. This is why they have Orange warpaint all of themselves, kind of like Scottish Orcs with orange (instead of blue) woad… *stolen from Tom* I have yet to do the face painting, but I have decided that two orange stripes is this warbands signature.

I also wouldn’t normally take such up-close pictures, as it shows too many flaws ;}, but I’m still on a learning curve. =] Here’s a picture that isn’t too close:

Orc Archer and Warrior Painted Miniatures

And without further ado, Here’s the close-ups:

Orc Archer:

Painting Orc Archer
Painting Orc Archer
Painting Orc Archer
Painting Orc Archer

Orc Warrior:
(Pictures didn’t come out as well as the archer for some reason…)

Painting Orc Warrior
Painting Orc Warrior

I’m using cheap brushes, and cheap paint, but I think I’m getting used to how to make it work.

I have a couple things left to do:

  • Redo the Swords and Metal
  • Paint the walls of the base
  • Highlight/add depth to the Orange parts

Now that you’ve seen the pictures, look again at the Orc Warrior, and look at the Melon he has for a bicep.=]

Thanks for looking,
-Ashton Sanders

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