Oct 28

Mordheim Modular Fence – Part 3

Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve finally started completing the incomplete projects I have lying around. These fences have been asking for paint for months.

Mordheim Fence Painted

I’ve got a couple more bricks to paint, but they are pretty much done. I don’t think I’ll make another post about them. Now that my Modular Mordheim Fences are painted, I see that they are pretty much perfect foradding some character to a board, but not much more. I’m also not very fond of the “reinforced” fence.

I am very fond of the “modularity” though. I can do just about whatever I want to do with them.

Mordheim Fence Painted

You will may have noticed that each fence does NOT have a base! To keep the fences from falling over, each one has “braces” which are actually disguised to look like the terrain. Some of the braces look like loose boards while others are a pile of dirt. This allows the fences to be put right next to each other so it’s practiclaly impossible to tell where the “seams” are.

I’m not entirely happy with the painting, but I think it is “good enough for government work.”
-Ashton Sanders

(P.S. Here’s a link to my previous rant about Mordheim Buildings without Bases.)

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