Jul 19

Mordheim Entrace Gate

Author: Ashton Sanders

Now that I created the Mordheim Sign, I need posts to put it on. I decided to have these posts be part of my Modular Fence.

Mordheim Entrance

To quickly summarize what I did: I took two large posts, and added some wooden and dirt bracing (so I don’t need to add a base to the terrain). I also added a section of fence to one side of each post/pillar.

Mordheim Entrance

In this close up you can see the pile of dirt/rubble that doubles as supports for the pillars. You can also see a hand of a Skaven that was accidentally buried there. =] Once the sign is attached, the long piece of wood in the left pile of rubble will keep the Mordheim Entrance from falling forward, and the braces in the back will keep it from falling backwards.

Mordheim Entrance -bracing

I’ve taken a pocket to the sides of the pillars to add some wooden texture to it. Unfortunately one side of the wood has a coat of varnish or sealant, so I’m going to have to sand that off before I can do that side. I’ve been working on this little project a lot over the last couple days, but haven’t had much time to post.

(I’m still going to try to get my 10 posts this month… *knocks on wood*)
-Ashton Sanders

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