Jul 9

Gold Medal Mordheim Terrain

Author: Ashton Sanders

I have been building my latest Mordheim terrain project for the Companion Piece Competition at Terragenesis.co.uk. (That link will direct you to the completed entries for this competition.) I am proud to announce that I just barely stole 1st place with my Mordheim Terrain Platform!


Mordheim Terrain Platform

This was the first competition where voters could vote for a first, second and third place. Previously you only had one vote to give to your favorite entry. As you can see below, it was a very, very close competition.

Votes         [1]   [2]   [3]

Ashton   14    12     8

Andy     12    12    12

Froggy   11     8     2

All of the entries were very well done, and it was a very good competition. Andy’s Modular dungeon was awesome.

Thanks to all those who voted for me!
-Ashton Sanders

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