Jun 19

More Work on Mordheim Terrain

Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve been doing more work on my Mordheim terrain entry for the Terrain competition at Terragenesis. I’ve had “terrainer’s block” for the last couple days, as I haven’t been able to create the tops of the short pillars to my liking. I still don’t really know what I’m going to do.

Here’s the pictures of where I’m at right now:

Mordheim Terrain Building

Mordheim Terrain elevation before Basing

As you can see I made a small modular well out of pink foam and dirt. You can see a close up here:

Mordheim Well

I took some watered down black paint and a large brush, and gave it a good painting. The paint helped to toughen up the pink foam. I am always afraid of damaging the pink foam after it is painted, but I have realized that the outside of the pink foam gets very hard after you paint it with just one coat of paint.

Base Painting Mordheim Terrain

That’s all for now, I should have this thing done by the end of the month, so check back soon.
-Ashton Sanders

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