Jul 11

Mordheim Sign

Author: Ashton Sanders

I have been throwing around the idea of a Entrance to Mordheim, but haven’t come up with any extraordinary ideas. As I was looking at my modular fence for Mordheim, (and I will get back to creating that… I swear) I realized I could create a entrance that went along with that fence…

(Most images you see of the city walls around Mordheim are of huge stone walls, but those aren’t very useful for playing the game of Mordheim, so I’m using a fence. =])

So the first step of my Mordheim Entrance is to create a Mordheim Sign to welcome visitors to the City of the Damned.

Step 1.

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May 3

Skaven Miniature Painted

Mordheim Models,Skaven
Author: Ashton Sanders

Here is my third Mordheim model/miniature. Since I’ve already done two Mordheim Orc Miniatures, I decided to do a Skaven miniature. I found a mini that I had glued together seven years ago, and went at it. I gave it a good black base paint. Kind of like the orange theme I gave to my orcs, my Skaven is going to be Blue. I’m getting much better at painting, but I screwed up the Skaven’s hands pretty good. It’ll get better with practice. Anyway, here you go. Let me know what you think:

Morheim Skaven

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Mar 25

Mordheim Roof Tiles

Dice Tower,Mordheim Buildings
Author: Ashton Sanders

As the month is coming to a close, I’m running out of time to finish my Dice tower. So I don’t even have enough time to write a good description. Here’s a picture blog of what I did tonight on my Dice Tower:

Mordheim Dice Tower Roof Tiles

Mordheim Dice Tower Roof Tiles


Mordheim Dice Tower Roof Tiles


Mordheim Dice Tower Roof Tiles

Mordheim Roof with a large hole

More on the way. I got 5 days to finish making this and paint it…

Ashton Sanders