Jan 25

AFM – Away From Mordheim

Author: Ashton Sanders

It has been two and a half months since my last post, and I have finally come out of denial. I admit it: I’m taking a break from Mordheim. =(

I was well on my way to making my 2008 target for number of posts, and it has been my intention to get back down to my Mordheim desk and continue building. Although I didn’t think it was possible, life has gotten in the way.

What I’m trying to say is that, although it pains me to admit it, I am officially on a Mordheim break. I hope to get back on top of my other projects in the near future. Feel free to browse through my previous posts until I get back to Mordheim.

Until then,
Ashton Sanders

Oct 7

Mordheim Font

Random Bin
Author: Ashton Sanders

While in the process of redesigning my website, I have come upon the need of acquiring the Mordheim font used for the headlines in the Mordheim book.

Thanks to cianty of Border Town Burning, I have found out that the actual font used in the Mordheim Book is “Schoensperger” and runs about $42-44 USD. And if you don’t know much about Ashton Sanders, there’s no way I’m going to pay for a font =], so I owe credit to cianty yet again as he has directed me to a similar font that is actually very hard to tell the difference from the Mordheim Font. Here’s a picture of text out of the Mordheim Rule book (on top), and this Mordheim font (below):

Mordheim Font demonstration

The only real difference you can see in this image (besides being a touch on the bold side) is that the lowercase “k” is missing it’s last leg. I’m sure there’s a couple other differences, but you get the point.

I have uploaded the Mordheim Font onto my website for free download. (This font is called “Hans Fraktur” and is free to download.)

To download, click Mordheim Font.

To Install this Mordheim Font on your machine for use in word, etc., just unzip the Hans Fraktur file, and copy and paste it into your font folder (normally c:\windows\fonts\).

Ashton Sanders

Sep 7

Blog Design Update

Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve been thinking about upgrading this website design of my Mordheim Blog for a long time, and I have finally begun. As you probably know, I’m a website designer/developer by trade. That normally means two things: 1) I know how to make websites and 2) I don’t have time to work on my own websites.

This summer was one heck of a crazy summer, and I haven’t been posting these last two months as much as I want. But I have finally gotten around to upgrading this Mordheim Blog Design. Everything you see on this blog was/will be created by me. I plan to add to the design whenever I create something new.

I’m far from finished at the moment, but I’ve got a great start going.

Talk soon,
Ashton Sanders

Jun 14

Montana Campaign 1 Game 5

Mordheim Games
Author: Ashton Sanders

Campaign 1 – Game 5

This Mordheim Campaign is between Ashton Sanders (me) with my Mordheim Orcs of the Sun (name still in progress), and my neighbor’s son using my old Skaven warband. The purpose of this campaign is to learn the rules and have fun =]. So far I haven’t posted any battle reports as we were still doing more learning than anything else. Here goes nothing:

Treasure Hunt

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May 4

Mordheim Elevation Cont…

Author: Ashton Sanders

I have done some updates to this piece of elevation, and here is what I have now:

Mordheim Elevation

As you can see, Read the Rest of the Post >

May 3

Skaven Miniature Painted

Mordheim Models,Skaven
Author: Ashton Sanders

Here is my third Mordheim model/miniature. Since I’ve already done two Mordheim Orc Miniatures, I decided to do a Skaven miniature. I found a mini that I had glued together seven years ago, and went at it. I gave it a good black base paint. Kind of like the orange theme I gave to my orcs, my Skaven is going to be Blue. I’m getting much better at painting, but I screwed up the Skaven’s hands pretty good. It’ll get better with practice. Anyway, here you go. Let me know what you think:

Morheim Skaven

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Apr 26

Random Mordheim Goodies

Author: Ashton Sanders

Today was a great day for Mordheim.

First, I finally got to play an actual game of Mordheim (except the after-game advancements). A neighbor’s kid has been begging me to play, so I finally made some time, and set up my board. I played as Orcs and Goblins, while he played with my Skaven Warband. We played the Chance Encounter scenario. At the end of the Skaven’s third turn, the orcs had lost 3 of their 8 players, and the Skaven had 4 stunned models on the board, but none out of action. I (the Orcs) was about to destroy the Skaven, but I failed my Rout test…
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Apr 23

Mordheim Stone Wall v2.0

Author: Ashton Sanders

It’s been almost a week since I created Mordheim Stone Wall v1.0, and I have finally gotten around to creating the next version. (Thank you for all your ideas.)

Here’s what I did:

First I grabbed the worst piece of Styrofoam I could find to become my test piece for my Mordheim Stone Wall v2.0. It just happened to be a little over 3.5″ tall, so it was a perfect height. (Here’s a picture with my newly-painted Orc Archer.)

Mordheim Stone Wall v2.0 Read the Rest of the Post >

Apr 21

Mordheim Modular Fence – Part 2

Author: Ashton Sanders

I spent a little more time on my Mordheim terrain bits and created two more modular fences. I created these two the exact same way I made the last ones, except I haven’t added any pink foam to them. I’m going to make a couple more fences, and then add details to all of them.

I did however, fortify one of these new modular terrain fences. The idea is that someone wanted to create a good defense from ranged attackers, so they nailed a bunch of spare boards to this section of fence:

Modular Fencing

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Apr 20

Mordheim Modular Fence

Author: Ashton Sanders

Today, I started on a couple small sections of modular fences. My original purpose for creating these small bits of fence is to show that you don’t have to have a base on your small bits of terrain. These sections of fence will be pretty destroyed, and then re-fortified in sections.

Mordheim Modular Fences

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