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Montana Campaign 1 Game 5

Mordheim Games
Author: Ashton Sanders

Campaign 1 – Game 5

This Mordheim Campaign is between Ashton Sanders (me) with my Mordheim Orcs of the Sun (name still in progress), and my neighbor’s son using my old Skaven warband. The purpose of this campaign is to learn the rules and have fun =]. So far I haven’t posted any battle reports as we were still doing more learning than anything else. Here goes nothing:

Treasure Hunt


The (17) Orcs of the Sun spread out across their table edge looking for the treasure. They were split up into four groups to better search the ruins. From right to left:
1) 1 Big ‘Un with a bow and 3 Goblin archers
2) 2 Goblin Squig Herders and 5 squigs along with the Shaman.
3) Two orc Boyz with the Captain.
4) 1 Big ‘Un and one Orc Boy

The (9) sly Skaven started as one group in the middle of their side of the table. (6 heros, 2 Vermikin and 1 Rat Oger)

There were 11 buildings to check for the treasure.

Mordheim Game Begins

Turn 1:

Orcs got the first turn and sprinted forward checking for the treasure in 4 buildings (rolling two 11’s…).
Skaven split into three groups checking 3 buildings… still no treasure…

Turn 2:

Orcs Move forward again checking the last two building on their side of the table, and find good spots to rain arrows on the skaven when they come out of the shadows.
The Skaven check the final two buildings on the board, finding the treasure.(I know, I’m nice =]) The Skaven Eshin Sorcerer who found the treasure had 19 inches to the edge of the table (We measured after).

Turn 3:

The Orcs heard the squeals of delight from the dirty rats in the far corner of the ruins, and all started in that direction. I had three Orc archers already in place to shoot at the Sorcerer, so they let rip… but failed to wound. The Goblin archers (who were the farthest from the treasure) still could not see any (sneaky) rats who were checking the building less than 12 inches away from them, so they moved a little farther away getting ready to shoot. The Orc Squigs Jumped onto the roof of Voltaire’s Magic Shop in the hopes of reaching the Skaven Captain and Black Skaven… but only one made it into combat resulting in nothing. The Shaman ran into the back alley to try to cut off the Sorcerer from reaching the table edge.

To make a long story short, The Squigs Put the hammer down on the Black Skaven and Captain, and My shaman got close enough to try casting a spell on the sneaky rats trying to run away twice… and failed both times. My orcs managed to get close enough to the retreating rats to keep them from being able to run.. but not enough to keep them on the board.

Turn 6: The Skaven had lost 3 rats (including their captain) so needed to take a route test… His Eshin Sorcerer with the treasure (and a night runner) were one inch away from their table edge, so all he needed to do was pass the route test, and he would win…. which he did.

Skaven were the victors for escaping with the treasure.

After the Game:

1 Orc Boy and 1 Goblin Archer left this world for the next.
One Orc Boy “got tallent” and became a hero (Yes!)
Captain gained a new skill (Re-roll route test)

Black Skaven “survived against the odds +1 exp”
Assasin Adept with weeping blades DIED!!!! (but I let him buy it back … )
Another Black Skaven got Mighty blow… (He’s got three Heros with 5 Str…)

We’ll be playing another game today, and I’ll take some pictures this time. =]
Ashton Sanders

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