Aug 6

Modular Mordheim Models

Modeling Tips,Mordheim Models
Author: Ashton Sanders

If you’ve read many of my posts, you’ll realize that I love making things for Mordheim that I will never need to remake. That is the biggest reasons why I don’t put bases on terrain or buildings. I know that no matter what board I make later, my buildings will fit on it gorgeously!

Yesterday, I read a post by Pathfinder Dubstyles about How to Magnatize Mordheim Miniatures to make swappable arms, weapons and even heads! This way, you don’t have to make another whole miniature when you buy him a new weapon!

Pathfinder Dubstyles has created an amazing tutorial, and I hope to follow it very soon.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did,
Ashton Sanders

Apr 21

Mordheim Modular Fence – Part 2

Author: Ashton Sanders

I spent a little more time on my Mordheim terrain bits and created two more modular fences. I created these two the exact same way I made the last ones, except I haven’t added any pink foam to them. I’m going to make a couple more fences, and then add details to all of them.

I did however, fortify one of these new modular terrain fences. The idea is that someone wanted to create a good defense from ranged attackers, so they nailed a bunch of spare boards to this section of fence:

Modular Fencing

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Apr 20

Mordheim Modular Fence

Author: Ashton Sanders

Today, I started on a couple small sections of modular fences. My original purpose for creating these small bits of fence is to show that you don’t have to have a base on your small bits of terrain. These sections of fence will be pretty destroyed, and then re-fortified in sections.

Mordheim Modular Fences

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