May 4

Mordheim Elevation Cont…

Author: Ashton Sanders

I have done some updates to this piece of elevation, and here is what I have now:

Mordheim Elevation

As you can see, I’ve glued an additional section of foam and etched in another line of tiles. I’ve glued together three sets of stairs, and the fourth set of stairs has been destroyed completely. I’ll be creating a pile of cement rubble in the far corner. Everything still needs a lot more destroying, but it’s coming a long.

Note: Pink foam is very similar to most kinds of foam in that it doesn’t do well with Rubber Cement or Super Glue. The foam dissolves on contact. So I’ve had to use PVA glue on all foam. A difficulty arises when you try gluing to large sections of foam together because the PVA glue needs air/oxygen to harden, and air has a hard time getting to the glue in the middle. I had to leave these two sections of foam stuck together for 12 hours before it actually hardened.

-Ashton Sanders

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