Apr 26

Random Mordheim Goodies

Author: Ashton Sanders

Today was a great day for Mordheim.

First, I finally got to play an actual game of Mordheim (except the after-game advancements). A neighbor’s kid has been begging me to play, so I finally made some time, and set up my board. I played as Orcs and Goblins, while he played with my Skaven Warband. We played the Chance Encounter scenario. At the end of the Skaven’s third turn, the orcs had lost 3 of their 8 players, and the Skaven had 4 stunned models on the board, but none out of action. I (the Orcs) was about to destroy the Skaven, but I failed my Rout test…

Nutz! I just remembered that Goblins and Squigs only count as 1/2 person for rout tests… Oh well… I guess that’s what the practise round is for.

Second, my wife surprised me with a pint of “chocolate cherry” (interior) paint. I had mentioned that I’ll be needing some dark brown to paint my Mordheim board (since it is currently beige…) and she supplied it. It is a very dark brown, but you can still see a hint of “cherry.” Hopefully, it will get browner as it dries. I’ll post some pics of my board when it is good enough to be viewed by the general public.

Unfortunately, my wife “accidentally” soaked 1/2 of my board, so I was only able to paint the other half. Hopefully the weather will stay nice long enough to paint the other half.

But overall, a great day for Mordheim. I expect to finish up a couple more incomplete projects to get my board presentable enough to get some pictures of it.

Until then,
Ashton Sanders

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