Jul 19

Mordheim Entrace Gate

Author: Ashton Sanders

Now that I created the Mordheim Sign, I need posts to put it on. I decided to have these posts be part of my Modular Fence.

Mordheim Entrance

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May 13

Mordheim Miniature Basing Tutorial

Modeling Tips,Mordheim Models
Author: Ashton Sanders

I am in the process of making 5 more Orcs for my Mordheim Orcs and Goblins Warband, and I figured I might as well share with you how I’ve been basing my Mordheim Miniatures. I’ve put together this very basic tutorial to create a very simple and effective base for your table-top miniatures.

Basing the Base:

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Dec 13

Mordheim Terrain without a Base

I’ve touched on my thoughts on Adding a Base to Terrain and my last two buildings have not had bases. As I mentioned probably the biggest Con of not having a base is the difficulty of keeping the entire building supported. This is especially true for my entry into the TerraGenesis Fallen Over Competition.

Here is the latest picture of my Entry:

Fallen Mordheim Building

Cutting out a hole for the support sticksAs you can see, I’m going to have to create a lot of supports between the roof of the tower, the rubble and the main building. All I had connecting the two was a thin sheet of Styrofoam, so this is what I came up with: Adding support beams under the foam.

1) I cut out slits under the connecting piece of foam. I cut out enough space for two sticks to be sticking halfway out, and for two sticks to run parallel for extra support. (I did this we a fully extended (flexible) razor blade. The flexible aspect allows me to rub the blade horizontally across the bottom of the foam creating a perfect hole. See picture.

2) I cut out small slits in the bottom of the roof and the bottom of the main building; just big enough to slip in the Popsicle sticks.

3) I glued in all of these supports with Elmer Glue.

4) I am also planning on adding some supports to the top of it, in the form of fallen debris between the separate sections. They will look like they are just leaning on the main building (or roof), but they will actually act as additional support. You can see a good example of this in the first picture above.

Good thing foam is not too heavy. I think these supports will be enough to hold this terrain together.

Here’s a picture of the glued in support beams:

Supporting Mordheim Terrain

Ashton Sanders

Nov 25

To Add a Base or Not to Add a Base

(That is the question…)

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding bases to my buildings. I am almost ready to add a coat of paint to my first Mordheim Building, and I need to decide whether or not I want to add a base to it. Here’s a picture of a Mordheim building with a base, and you can click on the link to my first Mordheim Building above to see a building without a base.

The Pros of adding a base to your Mordheim building:

  • When a building has a base, it is much easier to add debris and trash to the floor around the building.
  • It also adds a lot of stability to your building. It is much easier to keep your building from falling over from the weight of your Mordheim Models.
  • You can use them to add hills and elevation to your Mordheim Board. I can guarantee the City of the Damned is not totally flat.

The Cons of adding a base to your building:

  • You get that annoying lip around the edge of the base that can distract from.
  • The base can easily end up as a different color than the board you are playing on. (Use a friends board, make a new one, etc.) I’m trying to build these buildings for aesthetics, this will cause them to look very ugly. Here’s an example of Mordheim bases looking ugly.
  • Buildings with bases cannot be placed very close together, so if you are playing the “Street Fight” scenario, you will have trouble making a wall of buildings.

Can you think of any other Pros or Cons? I’ll try to update this list.

I think I will end up adding small bases to some of my buildings, but I’ll have to work on camouflaging the bases really well, and I’ll probably need to put together a board first. Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial about how to create a Games Workshop or Mordheim Board (with the sand on it)?

-Ashton Sanders

UPDATE: For a more detailed post on this subject check out my newer post: Adding Bases to Terrain.