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Nov 29

First Completed Mordheim Building

First Creation,Mordheim Buildings
Author: Ashton Sanders

I have finally completed my first Mordheim building. I started this building at about the same time I started this blog, so it’s been two weeks in the making. In my defense, this Mordheim building isn’t the only Mordheim project I’ve been working on.

I decided to go with a yellow paint with wooden accents. Here is the completed Mordheim building:

Mordheim Building - Completed

Here are the two outside walls. Click on the image to view larger image.
Completed Mordheim Building

I’ll be putting up another image of the “gravel pile” on the second floor. I need to get a good picture with normal daylight.

I think for my first building, it came out very well. The only problem with this Mordheim building is that its scale is too large. Where Mordheim Models are 28mm, this building is closer to 38mm. When compared to the 3-story tavern/building that comes in the Mordheim box, they are almost the same height. The second story floor of this yellow Mordheim building comes up to the windows on the second floor of the original Mordheim building. The window and door on my building are also too large.

Notes to keep in mind,
Ashton Sanders

Nov 28

Getting out the Mordheim Paints

First Creation,Mordheim Buildings
Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve finally taken out my paints and started painting my first Mordheim Building. This picture is after my first coat of yellow (for the walls) and brown (for the wood) after the base coat.

Mordheim Building - First Coats of Paint

As you can see, I went with painting the walls of this building yellow. I didn’t really have any thought or reason behind it, that’s just the color I pulled out. I should have darkened the yellow a little more before I put it on, so that the base coat for my Mordheim Building would be darker and I could add highlights on top of it. I’ll probably end up doing this anyway. It was nice how you could see the black base coat through the light layers of the yellow. I could have used that to my advantage by putting less yellow paint on the sections of the wall that I wanted to be darker. Live and Learn. =]

I haven’t really decided what I’m doing with that “rock” that is being used as a support on the left side of the door. It was a improvisation to fix a wall I melted. We’ll see how it come out tomorrow after the final coat.

Here is a picture after my second coat of paint. I also realized that the broken-off parts of the wall should be gray as the building was painted before the wall was knocked down… not after. You can also see a little bit of dry-brushing that I did on the wood to make it look more like wood. I started with a dark brown base-coat for the wood, and then got a light red-brown for the highlighting.

Mordheim Building after first coat of color

Until then,
Ashton Sanders

Nov 22

Base Coat for My Mordheim Building

I’ve done a lot of filling and testing with my first Mordheim Building. I’ve tested out cardboard for the 2nd floor’s wood paneling, and have worked on framing the windows, doors and corners. I was having trouble trying to find inexpensive material to use as wood, and Popsicle sticks came to the rescue. But cutting up Popsicle sticks, I’ve been able to get wood of all shapes and sizes for just about any purpose.

After completing the design of my first Mordheim Building and putting all of the wooden accents, I did a base coat with straight black acrylic paint. Here are some pictures taken with Ugh and Squeamish:

Mordheim Building Base Coat

Mordheim Building Base Coat

As you can see there are still a billion little white specks from the Styrofoam. I hope to have those well disguised by the time I get the final coat of detail paint on this Mordheim Building.

Happy Thanksgiving
-Ashton Sanders

Nov 15

Mordheim Building – Floor Tiles

First Creation,Mordheim Buildings
Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve done some more work on my first Mordheim Building.

First, I added wood plants as floorboard to the second story floor. I didn’t have any balsa wood handy, so I used some thin cardboard and cut them into 1×12* strips. I had to be pretty inventive to try to make the broken ends of the cardboard actually look like wood. I tried to splinter the cardboard to make it look like very broken/thrashed wood.

Mordheim Building Tiles and Glass

Second, I cut a 4×4* support beam, and glued it to the bottom of the cardboard. Even though these houses were not built to withstand a comet, they were built to withstand normal human and furniture weight.

Third, I took a small piece of clear fiberglass, cut it to be a broken piece of glass and inserted it as a broken piece of glass in the window.

(Kitves, the Eshin Sorcerer, and Nutz, the youngblood, volunteered for this photo.
You can also see my homemade Mordheim Ladder)

This building is definitely coming along much better than I thought it would. Now I just have to do the finishing touches and get some paint on it. I went to a hobby shop yesterday and got some tips on how to paint Styrofoam, because it can definitely be a pain.

-Ashton Sanders

*This is in miniature scale. So 4×4 beam would be a 4 inch by 4 inch beam to a Mordheim model. This more like 4 mm to normal humans.

Nov 11

First Destroyed Building Section

First Creation,Mordheim Buildings
Author: Ashton Sanders

Welcome to this post on my First Mordheim Building. (Click to view all posts for this Mordheim Building.)

I’ve spent the last couple months saving all of the packing foam/material I could find. Now I’ve got a couple boxes full of Styrofoam, and finally have some time to test it out. I remember having trouble with Styrofoam because of how it reacts with both spray paint and some types of glue.

I started with a thin yet tough piece of cardboard (from a Logitech Speaker box) and a edge section of Styrofoam:

Mordheim Building

I took an old pocketknife I had lying around, and heated it over the fire on my stove. When it was hot, I’d make a quick cut through the foam. Then, I’d repeat the process. This is great for making straight cuts for doors, windows and the like.

If you’re looking at destroying an entire wall, probably the easiest way I’ve found is to break/cut off the section. This will make lots of loose foam bubbles and your wall will look like foam. To smooth out the foam, just hold it over some heat. This will melt all of the loose foam pieces and create a fairly smooth wall.

Mordheim Building

To get the piece of cardboard into place, I first drew a straight line with a marker, and then using my hot-knife technique, I cut along the line. This left a perfect slot to slide the cardboard into.

More to come,
-Ashton Sanders