Oct 29

Incomplete Mordheim Well

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Author: Ashton Sanders

For one of my last Mordheim terrain pieces, I created a well to accompany it in a competition. The competition came down to the wire before I had everything painted, so I skipped the well, leaving it on my workbench waiting to be painted.

As I try to finish up all of my incomplete projects, I have done some painting:

Mordheim Well base painted

Mordheim Well base painted

I was thinking that I would paint it red, but then I realized that most wells are made with grey rocks; not red bricks (and these are too big to be bricks anyway). So I may do a very toned-down red, or just straight grey. It’ll probably come down to what I have handy. 😉

More to come as I work to finish up my incomplete Mordheim Projects.

Ashton Sanders

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