May 15

Painting Squigs

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Author: Ashton Sanders

Now that I’ve removed the paint from my metal Squig yesterday, he needed some new paint today. Since I am going with an orange theme for my Mordheim Orc and Goblin Warband, my cave squigs are going to be orange.

First thing to check is to make sure there are no mold lines still on the model. (I never knew to check for these on metal models, so I started painting my first coat before I realized they were there) I took a razor blade and trimmed them back the best I could.

Mordheim Squig

I based my squig with black, and then had to fill in the gaps between the teeth with black paint. Once the black base coat was dry I gave my squig a dark layer of red. This turned out looking almost brown: (Note: The specks you see on the Squigs teeth are small bits of paint that were not completely removed when I stripped the paint from the models… grr…)

Mordheim Squig

Once that has dried, I gave my squig’s skin and teeth a watery coat of dark yellow. I painted the inside of the mouth a dark red:

Mordheim Squig

Next I did a couple drybrushings of lighter and lighter orange (it came out kind of yellow):


Then I did a series of lighter colors on the teeth and gums. I followed a good tutorial about painting squig teeth on Games Workshop. You will also notice I painted the squig’s tail too. I painted it some nice shades of pink.

Mordheim Squig

After taking a hour break and looking back at my squig, I realized he came out yellow, so I gave him a watery coat of bright orange, painted the squig’s “sores” and did some final highlighting:

Painted Squig

I’m very pleased with him for my first Squig. Eventually, I’ll look back and shake my head, just as I shake my head at what I had done before:

Mordheim Squig - Bad Painting
*Shakes head in embarrassment*

Until then,
-Ashton Sanders

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