May 28

Mordheim Terrain – Stairs

Author: Ashton Sanders

I have done some more work on my companion piece for my Mordheim Urban Hill Terrain. I have cut out the three sets of stairs, and come up with an idea for the low wall.

How to create stone stairs out of Pink Foam:

Mordheim Stairs out of Pink Foam

Here is how I did it:

  1. Measure and draw (with a ballpoint pen) where you want the stairs to be. I recommend drawing guidelines on at least two adjacent surfaces. Once it has been drawn, cut it out with a razor blade.
  2. Measure and draw how the stairs will be on all four sides of the block of pink foam (that you will be cutting). This insures nice straight steps.
  3. Follow your marks, and cut out one set of stairs at a time. (You can see the left overs in this picture.)
  4. Draw the cracks between the stones, and scuff up the stones with the reverse side of a pen for realism. I would also recommend using a razor blade to chip off some of the corners of the stones. Glue the stairs into place with PVA glue.

Here’s an overview of what the Mordheim Terrain looks like now:
Mordheim Terrain Stairs

I have create this wall system out of the spare parts from #3 above. This is probably going to be the only section that remains (mostly) intact.

Mordheim Terrain Wall

In this next shot you can also see some of the stones used to create the “small stairs” for this Mordheim Terrain. All of the stairs for this Mordheim Terrain is 3/4″ (20mm) deep, so all normal (20mm) bases fit perfectly on the steps, and the larger (25mm) bases for Orcs, etc. can get 4/5 of their base onto the stairs.

Mordheim Terrain Stairs and Wall

That’s all for today,
Ashton Sanders

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