May 16

Mordheim Board Thoughts

Mordheim Board,Mordheim Construction
Author: Ashton Sanders

When I first got started in Mordheim, my grandfather helped me to create my first Mordheim Board. We took a 4’x4′ section of plywood, glued a bunch of sand to it, and then painted it with a beige house paint. We chose beige cause we had it left over. When I moved to Montana, I had a friend bring it up from my parents house. unfortunately they had to cut it half to fit it their car. Here’s a small image that I dug up that will give you a good idea of what the board looked like:

Mordheim Board v0.1

Obviously, the color is all wrong, so I ended up painting it a dark “cherry brown” which unfortunately wasn’t very matte. So I’ve done a wash of dark brown to add some texture and dull down the shine.

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