May 17

Mordheim Board Test

Mordheim Board,Mordheim Construction
Author: Ashton Sanders

To follow up on my Mordheim Board Thoughts with some actual terrain:

I have a spare piece of pink foam lying around and decided to make another (larger) platform out of it, but before I do that, I have used the underside as a test surface so I can test out my different board ideas and throw away the ones that are horrible. Pictures are better that words, so here you go:

Mordheim Board Designs
Mordheim Board Designs

For fun, I went ahead and did something silly with my round stones. You’ve probably noticed that right below the “Round Stones” title, the stones look kind of weird. Put your mouse over this image to see what it is:

Hahaha… yea… that’s one of the things I decided to test out (and throw away). But just about everything else is awesome. I think a board would look great with all these random details. I would still be able to place my buildings wherever I want to, and the different textures would add a lot of depth and detail to the board.

What do you think?
-Ashton Sanders

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