May 20

Mordheim Funny v1

Mordheim Games
Author: Ashton Sanders

As I mentioned earlier, my neighbor’s son has taken a liking to the game of Mordheim. He is young and not exactly a tactician, but as my protege, he will soon be kicking some trash. In the last month or so, I’ve been teaching him how to play Mordheim. So far, I’ve taught him the basic rules of movement, shooting and close combat. He’s also pretty good with do the to-hit, to-wound and “see what happens to the poor bloke.” (I do the calculating. “You need a four to hit, and a five to wound with the dagger,” etc.)

So far I’ve taught him the herd tactic: “Staying in a group is better than dying one at a time.” Which is still working on a little bit.

Anyway, tonight we played our third Mordheim game (and walked through most of the after game actions for the first time).

But, he did manage to pull of one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen with Skaven. Read the Rest of the Post >