Jun 7

Mordheim Miniature Carrying Case 3

General,Mordheim Construction
Author: Ashton Sanders

Although I wasn’t planning on working on my Mordheim Miniature carrying case for another month or so, I just couldn’t help myself.

Miniature Carrying Case

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Jun 2

Mordheim Miniature Carrying Case 2

General,Mordheim Construction
Author: Ashton Sanders

Since my Mordheim Model Case post, I have cut the grey foam in half and cut three columns to put my miniatures in:

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May 26

Miniature Carrying Case

General,Mordheim Construction
Author: Ashton Sanders

Mordheim Miniature Carrying CaseAs a young’un, I’ve created two carrying cases for my minis, because there was no way I was going to pay GW a ridiculous amount of money for them to make one for me. I found a box I wanted to use, cut a piece of yellow foam (like what they use for seat cushions) to fit inside the box. Cut off a half an inch slab of the top with a razor blade, and then with scissors, cut a perfectly sized hole for my miniature. When we got into Orcs, we found a plastic “briefcase” for the Orc and Goblin warband, and we did the same thing for that. Since the briefcase is a cooler miniature carrying case, I’m going to see If I can get most of my miniatures to fit in that carrying case.

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Apr 20

Painting Orcs – Almost Done

Mordheim Models,Orcs and Goblins,Painting
Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve finally gotten around to painting my first two models since I grew up

Orc Warband Storyline:
I haven’t settled on a complete storyline for my Orc Warband yet, but these Orcs’ homeland has a odd, orange stone that when smashed into powder and rubbed on skin with water creates a great Orange Dye. This is why they have Orange warpaint all of themselves, kind of like Scottish Orcs with orange (instead of blue) woad… *stolen from Tom* I have yet to do the face painting, but I have decided that two orange stripes is this warbands signature.

I also wouldn’t normally take such up-close pictures, as it shows too many flaws ;}, but I’m still on a learning curve. =] Here’s a picture that isn’t too close:

Orc Archer and Warrior Painted Miniatures

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Apr 19

Oops… Miniature Basing Done Wrong

Modeling Tips,Mordheim Models
Author: Ashton Sanders

When I based my two orcs, I used PVA glue to glue down the sand, wood, etc. What’s wrong with that?

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Apr 18

First Mordheim Models – painting

Mordheim Models,Painting
Author: Ashton Sanders

Here is the progress on my first models I have painted in a long time. The pictures describe it best, so I’m not going to type much for this post:

First pictures is a very dark beginning coat of Green and Brown. At this stage, if you took these models out of the bright light, they would still look pitch black.

Mordheim Orc Wariors Unpainted

Then repetitive drybrushing of lighter and lighter colors. The teeth are extremely hard, which may be the result of cheap paint + cheap brushes:

Mordheim Orc Wariors Unpainted

Things left to do:

  • Paint the Base (I probably should have done this before anything else.)
  • Paint the metal (Sword, Bow tips, studs in the studded leather, etc.)
  • Orange War painting
  • Mouth and teeth
  • Muscle Highlighting

I’m sure there’s more,
-Ashton Sanders

Apr 5

Skaven Warband – Before

Author: Ashton Sanders

When Mordheim first came out, I (literally) threw together a Skaven warband as quickly as possible so I could play. At the age of 14, I probably spent 4 hours painting the whole warband, so to say the least, I’m not extremely proud of them. Since I’ve completed my second large Mordheim building, I’ve decided to turn my attention to my warbands and modeling. I found a couple great tutorials about basing models that I have read thoroughly, and will definitely use when I get started making my new warband.

(NOTE: The sole purpose of this post is for posterity’s sake, and proof that everyone starts at the bottom and gets better with practice (or so I hope ;)).)

UPDATE: I have gotten around to painting a new Skaven Model.

Without further ado, here is my old Skaven warband:

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Feb 23

Mad Scientist Terrain

Random Bin
Author: Ashton Sanders

There is a man by the name of “Froggy the Great” (on Terragenesis) who has been making a series of terrain models/pieces for his Mad Scientist. I enjoy them so much, I thought I’d share them with you. Here’s a link to see all of the pieces that go in Froggy’s Mad Scientist’s lab.

I love how every piece of terrain he creates has a name and function (and usually a humorous quote). He’s got quite the imagination. It’s times like these that I wish Mordheim was futuristic. =)

Ashton Sanders

Dec 28

Adding Bases to Terrain

Since my last post about adding bases to buildings, I’ve done a lot of thinking about it. I’ve compiled more points, and put them below:

Good Things About Using a Base on Your Buildings and Terrain:

  1. Stability: With a base, you don’t even have to worry about the stability of your large building. Just glue it down.
  2. Debris and Junk: Read the Rest of the Post >

Dec 5

Impressive Wood Elf Modeling

Mordheim Inspiration,Mordheim Models
Author: Ashton Sanders

Although I have never played with or even seen a wood elf warband in Mordheim, I have heard of them.

After a pretty long absence, Tom returned to “Tom’s Boring Mordheim Blog” with some great wood elf models. I can not express how much I love the color scheme he chose. The elves usually “have to be forest green,” but these elves aren’t, and yet they camouflage so well. He also did an amazing job on his bases. Here’s the link to view his Wood Elf Models.

-Ashton Sanders