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Mordheim Miniature Carrying Case 3

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Author: Ashton Sanders

Although I wasn’t planning on working on my Mordheim Miniature carrying case for another month or so, I just couldn’t help myself.

Miniature Carrying Case

I can get all of my Squigs and goblins into the first two 20mm rows on the left, and probably will be able to get most of my Skaven into the next two rows. I have one more 30mm wide row to create for my orcs, and then I’ll cut two custom holes for the two 40mm based Monsters (Troll and Rat Ogre). Then I should be able to fit both my Orc and Goblin Warband AND my Skaven warband into one Mordheim Miniature Carrying Case! (Now I just need to find a reason to transport my minis somewhere. =])

Thanks to Andy at TG, I have refined (what I think is) the easiest way to cut out “cubicles” for the miniatures:

  1. First using a ruler and a miniature’s base, make two vertical cuts 20mm apart (or w/e size you’re going for). The ruler is to help you start the straight cuts.
  2. Once the initial cuts have been made, go over the cut again and again with your razor blade until you are all the way through the foam.
  3. Do the same thing for the top and bottom. This will cut out a long thin hole in your foam.
  4. Take the piece of foam you just cut out and slice off 1cm of the bottom (with your razor blade).
  5. Put this sliver of foam back into the hole, and glue it into place with dots of PVA glue. (The glue will dry clear. It is still wet in the picture above.)

-Ashton Sanders

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