May 26

Miniature Carrying Case

General,Mordheim Construction
Author: Ashton Sanders

Mordheim Miniature Carrying CaseAs a young’un, I’ve created two carrying cases for my minis, because there was no way I was going to pay GW a ridiculous amount of money for them to make one for me. I found a box I wanted to use, cut a piece of yellow foam (like what they use for seat cushions) to fit inside the box. Cut off a half an inch slab of the top with a razor blade, and then with scissors, cut a perfectly sized hole for my miniature. When we got into Orcs, we found a plastic “briefcase” for the Orc and Goblin warband, and we did the same thing for that. Since the briefcase is a cooler miniature carrying case, I’m going to see If I can get most of my miniatures to fit in that carrying case.

This of course means that I need to create another foam insert for my new miniatures.

Here’s a picture of my old foam insert for my old Orcs and Goblins minis:

Model Carrying Case old

Yes, even my cat thinks it’s ugly…

Here’s a picture of my new foam insert for my new models and miniatures. You’ll see that I still have work to do on it.

Model Carrying Case

Here is the piece of foam custom cut to snugly fit inside the briefcase model carrying case.

Carry Case Foam Insert

I’m still working out how to cut it in half smoothly, so I’ll keep you posted,
-Ashton Sanders

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