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Skaven Warband – Before

Author: Ashton Sanders

When Mordheim first came out, I (literally) threw together a Skaven warband as quickly as possible so I could play. At the age of 14, I probably spent 4 hours painting the whole warband, so to say the least, I’m not extremely proud of them. Since I’ve completed my second large Mordheim building, I’ve decided to turn my attention to my warbands and modeling. I found a couple great tutorials about basing models that I have read thoroughly, and will definitely use when I get started making my new warband.

(NOTE: The sole purpose of this post is for posterity’s sake, and proof that everyone starts at the bottom and gets better with practice (or so I hope ;)).)

UPDATE: I have gotten around to painting a new Skaven Model.

Without further ado, here is my old Skaven warband:

Mordheim Skaven Warband

Mordheim Skaven Warband

Mordheim Skaven Warband\

Eshin Sorcerer and Rat:

Mordheim Skaven Warband

Rat Ogre:

Mordheim Skaven Warband

The final Mordheim Model is my rat ogre, obviously. This was painted by a friend and then given to me when I started playing. I “touched up” the Mordheim model a little bit, but which I mean, I splattered some random colors of paint on it. (The bright red on his right shoulder and the blue in his hair…) I really like the model, but I think I’ll be redoing it when I get around to it.

Improved models on the way,
Ashton Sanders

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