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Mordheim Miniature Carrying Case 2

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Author: Ashton Sanders

Since my Mordheim Model Case post, I have cut the grey foam in half and cut three columns to put my miniatures in:

Mordheim Miniature Carrying Case

So far, I have cut three columns: two 30mm wide and one 20mm wide. The 20mm column fits 5 squigs and two goblins with squig prodders. Each 30mm column fits 3 Orcs (on 25mm bases). I will need to cut at least one more 30mm column to fit any other Orcs who may join my warband. I will also need to cut two or three more 20mm columns. I will easily be able to fit all of my other Goblins (4 archers and 1 more squig prodder) into one more 20mm column, leaving another couple columns for my Skaven Warband! Yes, I plan to house two entire warbands in this suitcase =]. That should leave just enough room for my Cave Troll and Rat Oger.

How did I create this?

First I cut a piece of foam to fit inside the miniature case. I wanted to cut the foam in half (hamburger style) leave a small (~10mm) section of foam on top, and the remainder of the foam on bottom. To make this cut, I took the longest kitchen knife I could find (after approval from the missus of course =]), and sharpened it a little.

I put my Mordheim book in the bottom of the suitcase and put the foam on top of it. This way, i wouldn’t cut the foam directly in half. I used the suitcase as a “jig”, resting the knife sideways on the suitcase which kept my knife level. Once the foam was cut in half, I flipped the pieces of foam over so the flat sides of the foam were viewable. (Thanks Andy.)

-Ashton Sanders

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