Apr 13

Mordheim Raised City Section

Mordheim Buildings,Terrain
Author: Ashton Sanders

I got in a new computer the other day from Dell, and it came surrounded by two large sections of packing foam. Each section is 21″x18″x3.5″ and almost completely flat on 5 sides. These will act as a perfect raised part of Mordheim, and when placed on the (48″x48″) battlefield, they will take up less than 1/4th of the playing area.

Mordheim Raised City Section
(A couple Orcs and Goblins and my Collapsed Mordheim Tower for Scale)

These are perfect because they don’t take up too much of the playing field, but can add some great elevation to a Mordheim board. My plan is to cut four sets of stairs into each section of foam so any warband will be able to access the “high road”, and make the edges look like they were built with bricks and large stones. I will be texturing the top section, and then leaving it empty so each new battle can have different Mordheim buildings/terrain on it.

Hopefully more on this project soon,
-Ashton Sanders