May 7

Mordheim Terrain Elevation

Author: Ashton Sanders

I am just about done modeling this piece of terrain out of pink foam. As I’m uploading these pictures I realize a couple more things I want to do to the “destroyed” corner of the clearing.

I’m very pleased with how this piece of Mordheim Terrain is coming out. It is a very playable piece of terrain, as you can enter and exit easily from each corner. I have painted the entire thing black, so I brought it outside for some daylight. Enjoy the pics:

Mordheim Elevation
(Models for scale. Each square is 1″x1″)
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May 1

First Piece of Mordheim Elevation

Author: Ashton Sanders

I acquired a small piece of pink foam from a neighbor, and decided to try out some techniques with it before I buy a 4×8 sheet to create my board with. For this small project, I decided to just create a simple and playable Mordheim LOS (Line Of Sight) Blocker. This can be used as elevation for a building or leave empty to have a small elevated clearing.

All etchings on this piece were done with a pen, and every pen line you see is a small indentation into the foam.

Mordheim Elevation Terrain

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