May 1

First Piece of Mordheim Elevation

Author: Ashton Sanders

I acquired a small piece of pink foam from a neighbor, and decided to try out some techniques with it before I buy a 4×8 sheet to create my board with. For this small project, I decided to just create a simple and playable Mordheim LOS (Line Of Sight) Blocker. This can be used as elevation for a building or leave empty to have a small elevated clearing.

All etchings on this piece were done with a pen, and every pen line you see is a small indentation into the foam.

Mordheim Elevation Terrain

The steps were created by cutting the block out of the foam, cutting the steps out of the block, and then gluing the stairs back into place. I still have to decide what to do on the far side of the platform. I will probably add one more set of stairs, and have the final set of stairs destroyed along with a good section of the platform/elevation.

This idea was inspired by Mark’s terrain post at Tom’s Boring Mordheim Forum.

And yes, the Orcs are going to keep being my “models for scale” until I finish my Skaven model. I’m sure I’ll get faster as I get more used to the painting tactics.

-Ashton Sanders

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