Nov 27

My Skaven Mordheim Box

Author: Ashton Sanders

Probably one of the coolest ideas I had when I first started playing this game was to create a Mordheim Box for my Skaven warband. I found an old cardboard box I had, and a block of foam. I cut the foam to perfectly fit inside the box, and then cut it in half like a hamburger. I then cut out custom holes in the foam for my Skaven warband. That way, all of my Mordheim guys had a specific hole that would keep them protected.

Mordheim Box

After years of use, the box is pretty ugly, and many of the Skaven models have changed. I have a new piece of foam and a new Mordheim carrying case that I’ll be using to create Mordheim Box v2.0. =] I’ll post it when I’m done.

-Ashton Sanders