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Animosity Counters

Counters & Markers,Orcs and Goblins
Author: Ashton Sanders

I have just under a month left in the 1-inch base competition, and I’ve finally put aside a small amount of time for my entry. (I was extremely busy last month… right guys…?) First, the pictures, then I’ll explain what my entry is for.

Animosity Counters

Animosity Counter

Close up of the Orc and Goblin Shields:

Animosity Counters

How to Make an Animosity Counter

This doesn’t take a lot of skill to do (just a little bit of Imagination). All I did was glue together some Orc and Goblin shields, and then glue a sword, spear or dagger to the front of it (after cutting off the tip).

What is an Animosity Counter?

I play Orcs and Goblins and if you only know one thing about them, you should would know that the green skins love nothing more than a good scrape. They love fighting so much, it takes very little for them to get into a fight amongst themselves. In Mordheim (and warhammer), this is called this animosity. There is a 16% chance that at the beginning of a round a orc or goblin henchman will be subject to animosity, which normally ends up with the model not being allowed to do anything else for the rest of the turn. Most of the time, I place a dice next to a model that has been affected by animosity so that I can remember. But very soon, I will have these sweet Animosity Counters (and no one will accidentally take it to roll).

So the idea is that these tokens are Orc and Goblin weapons stuck in Orc and Goblin Shields (…because they were attacking each other).

Update: See the completed Animostiy Counters.

-Ashton Sanders

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