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Dice Tower Funnel Trick

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Author: Ashton Sanders

How to keep dice from getting stuck in a funnel

While creating my Mordheim Dice Tower, I ran into a small problem. Since I wanted my dice tower to look like a normal Mordheim Building, and not look like a dice tower, I had to make my Dice Tower’s exit hole the size of a normal 28mm door. This presented a problem, because only one dice at a time would be able to exit the dice tower at once.

You can see in the next picture the final ramp/funnel, and how thin it gets before dice “exit the building.”

Mordheim Dice Tower

After hours of testing and fiddling with my ramps, I came up with a very simple solution to keep dice from getting stuck in my dice tower. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any good pictures of what I created, so I will demonstrate below.

Here is the top view of my completed dice tower, with an overlay of the final ramp that funnels the dice out the single exit door:

Normal Dice Tunnel Funnel

As you can see in the picture, if two dice happen to be sliding down the final ramp at the same time, there is a chance they could get stuck, and not fit out the exit door.

To handle this problem, I created another funnel on the same ramp that didn’t have such a gradient slope, so it was impossible for two dice to get stuck going through it. This lined up the dice so only one could go through at once.

Dice Tunnel w/ Two Funnels

To create this additional funnel, I glued a small piece of card into place on top of the ramp, leaving an opening about the same size as the exit door.As you can see this stops the “four” long enough for the two to sneak past. The slant of the ramp.

It’s acts like teacher making sure the kids (dice) stay in line as they walk by her. 😉

As of today, I have not had any dice get stuck in my dice tower since I implemented this additional funnel.

Ashton Sanders

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