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Mordheim Campaign 2 – Game 2

Campaign 2,Mordheim Games
Author: Ashton Sanders

Crabi the Credible and his warband of Orcs and Goblins were rummaging through the rubble of a collapsed tower.  As he tossed a chunk of cement aside, he hollered at the two orc boyz closest to him. “Hey! It’s been forever. Wher’s the gems?” The boyz looked around trying to find who he was talking to. But before Crabi could give the closest boy a punch to the face, he noticed Durrr, the troll, licking the bark off the remains of a tree.

“DURRR!?! Wat are ya doin’? Get ov’r here… I can’t get you ta do anyth’ng…” said the Orc boss as he hustled over to the drueling troll.

In the shadows two Skaven were quickly scurrying away into the night to report the possible gems in the area.

Orcs vs Skaven

As the Skaven’s Assassin Adept hear the latest knews from the night runner, he called the other rats together, and gave them the new directions; trying to keep the skeaking to a minimum.

Orc Shaman, Squigs and Goblins

The Orcs give up on the buildings they’re looking for and start heading toward another cluster of buildings when they hear the thuds of a large creature. The Orcs are eager for battle and can’t help their eagerness as they start to run for the buildings… except for the Troll…

Orc Captain and Troll

The Captain results to tying a rope to Durrr’s hand to try to lead him into the battle, but Durrr is enjoying his drueling too much.

Orc Shaman, Squigs and Goblins

The Shaman, flanked by two goblins and two squigs, is the first to see the enemy scurrying between two buildings. He grunts in hatred and excitement as he loose an arrow. Amazingly, the inept and inexperienced Shaman, who has yet to cast a spell, hits the unlucky Skaven Eshin Sorcerer in the face. The rat hits the floor with blood spurting over his face and clothes.

Orc Shaman, Squigs and Goblins

The Orc Shaman’s grunts of pleasure excite a Orc Boy, who charges ahead through a doorway leaving the other Orcs behind.

A couple squigs bound forward up onto a elevated platform with the promising remains of a building. Through the doorway, like a blast of lightning, two Skaven rats and a Rat Oger spring out and give the first squig a slice with a couple swords. The Rat Oger finishes off the first squig with a soccer-style kick.

All the while, the Orc Shaman is mumbling to himself trying to remember the words to the only channel of Waaagh! energy he knows of… to no avail.

The 2 Orc Boyz and 2 Orc Big ‘Uns charge into combat with a couple rats at the same time as Durr finaly regains his appatite enough to climb up the steps to the vacinity of the fight. The second squig takes a huge chunk out of one rat’s arm before getting thrown into a wall and stunned.

The Orc Boyz and Big ‘Uns quickly knock down their opponents, but the rats call the retreat before they can finish the kills.

Back at their burrow in the side of a destroyed Inn, the Skaven attend to their wounds. The Eshin Sorcerer’s wounds healed amazingly fast for getting an arrow in the face, but the scar on his face combined with the horid smell of scabbing blood on his clothes create an offensive sight. (He now causes fear.)

The night runner who took a fall banged up his “fightin’ arm” pretty good leaving him with even worse skill with his sword, if that was possible. (WS1)

The squig healed fine with little more than a weeklong headache and tummy ache.

I promise more pictures of the action next week,
Ashton Sanders

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