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Mordheim Campaign 2 Begins

Campaign 2,Mordheim Games
Author: Ashton Sanders

The persistent yet patient badgering of the neighbor I so happily taught about Mordheim has forced me to start Montana Mordheim Campaign 2. Michael has not even mentioned Mordheim in months, but when I went over to see his new puppy, he was calling “Mortheim” out to me before I even go to his driveway. I really didn’t think I’d be able to post on this blog for a long while, and I most likely will not be able to do the most fun parts (building terrain and painting minis), but the playing the game every week or so will still be a good break.

Mordheim Warbands

Ashton’s Orcs (no time for names yet =(. )

I have used my Orcs + Troll Sample Warband that I created last year:

Mordheim Orcs and Goblins Warband #2 (with troll):


1 – Orc Boss – Axe Dagger Bow – (80 + 15) – 95

1 – Orc Shaman – dagger Bow – (40 + 10) – 50

2 – Orc Big ‘Uns – Axe Dagger – ((40+5)x2) – 90


1 – Troll – 200

2 – Goblins – Short Bow, dagger – ((10+5)x2) – 30

2 – Squigs – 28


9 (4 orcs, 1 troll, 2 gobos, 2 squigs) warriors

493 gc

Fierce Skaven Warband (Micheal’s Warband)

DISCLAIMER: I try very hard to help Micheal build his warband. I don’t tell him what to do (it’s not mine), but I try to stop him from doing dumb things like buying blow darts for the entire warband. Like any game, it would be no fun for either of us if one of us had a huge advantage.

Mordheim Skaven Warband:


1 – Assassin Adept – Fighting Claws – (60 + 35) – 95

2 – Black Skaven – Sword Dagger – ((40 + 10)x2) – 100

1 – Eshin Sorcerer – Sword Dagger- (45+10) -55

1 – Night Runner- Sword Dagger – (20+10) -30


1 – Rat Ogre – 210


6 (5 rats, 1 Rat Ogre) warriors

490 gc

First Mordheim Game

Short and sweet version (I plan on actually narrating these in the future): We rolled Treasure Hunt and played it on a 2″x4″ board (lol). (Somehow Michael remembered that when we rolled 4, it was Treasure Hunt… kids are amazing.) I tried to teach him the tactic of not searching all of the buildings close to you so that you will be the last one to search the building, but he didn’t get it, so I went ahead and just searched any building I got close to.

My Troll hasn’t been used in a couple years and I was going to strip the paint off of it, so it was detached from it’s base. Not a problem, I put some glue on it and set it aside for a minute to dry… and then totally forgot about it. My troll got lost after chasing a little mouse into the rubble of Mordheim.

Game begins, and we came into contact on the third round.

He’s nice and let’s me charge. My gobos and shaman don’t do anything the entire game. Missed 7 times, and failed to cast a spell 4 times… doh.

His sorcerer cast Black fury 2/2, and killed my squig.

Assassin Adept found the treasure, but had to walk as I was within 8 inches. When Michael’s Assassin Adpet found the chest, he “retreated” with everyone… except the two rats carrying the chest and his Rat Oger. By the time he sent his rat’s back in, I had gotten into combat with his Assassin, so he couldn’t run with the chest.

I sent my two squigs into combat with the Rat Ogre and Eshin Sorcerer to keep them from interferring with my heros, which worked a little bit.

His Eshin Sorcerer killed one of my Big Un’s without blinking an eye (Black Fury is awesome), but just about all combat for three turns yeilded nothing but a dead squig and a knocked down model for each team.

Finally, the surviving Orc Big Un’ landed a blow, sending the night runner spinning into the rubble, and a squig got three wounds on the Eshin Sorcerer turning him into chewing gum. (I got 1-2 on unarmed criticals twice in a row, giving me two extra attacks; both of which wounded.

Fierce Skaven Warband was forced to take a route test after losing two of their six members and they rolled a 10: breaking and skurring off into the night leaving the loot for the Orcs.

Everyone survived after the battle.

Mordheim Campaign 2 Score

Mordheim Orcs 1 – Feirce Skaven 0

I hope to actually narate the game next time (with pictures, too).
Ashton Sanders

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  1. Tom April 6th, 2009 3:47 am

    Hey Ashton,

    I recently rediscovered my Mordheim stuff and decided it was time to get my friends interested in the game.

    I have played with Shadow Warriors and Skaven before, but now I’m going to give the Lovable Greenskins a try.

    My starting warband looks something like this:

    1 Boss with Axe, Sword and bow
    1 Shaman with spear
    2 Big ‘Uns, 1 with halbert and bow, and 1 with axe, sword and bow

    3 Orc Boyz with axe and shield
    2 Goblin Warriors, 1 with Squig Prodder and one with ball and chain
    2 Squigs

    1 Mad Cap Mushroom

    I just wanted to try out the “Fanatic’ because it sounded like a lot of fun. What’s your view on this setup?

    Cheers on a great site with a lot of valuable information! I’ll be visiting regularly!


  2. Ashton Sanders April 6th, 2009 8:47 am

    Hi Tom,

    That looks like a good setup. I think you have a good balance of Quantity vs Quality. You also have 3 Orc Boyz to gain xp and hopefully Lad’s got Talent. Kind of a silly trick for “power players” is to put each Orc Boy into their own henchmen group there by increasing your LVL up rolls, and if you end up with a powerful boy, you can buy more boyz to join him.

    After testing the ball and chain a couple years ago, I decided that they were absolutely horrible. But there is no denying the entertainment value in a wildly flailing goblin that is more likely to kill himself or a fellow green skin than an opponent.

    Thanks Tom,
    Ashton Sanders

  3. Tom April 6th, 2009 10:29 am

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I actually gave my setup a second look and decided that it might be a good idea to go with 2 Orc Boyz instead of 3, and get 3 goblins (2 with prodders and shortbows, and I still wanna try the Ball&Chain) and 3 Squigs. (This includes taking away the bows from the heroes).

    This way, I can focus on hand-to-hand with the orcs and give the goblins something to do (shoot) besides looking at how the orcs beat the enemy into a pulp.

    This adds an extra model, bringing the grand total up to twelve.

    Thanks again, and tonight I’m gonna try to use some of your tips to create some scenery… *insert ominous music here*

    Keep up the great work,


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