Oct 31

Happy Mordheim Halloween

Warboss Kurgan from Flame On (and Tom’s Boring Mordheim Forum) created the most ingenious Halloween Orcs:

Haloween Orcs

This picture is the first five Orcs he created last year. His Orcs are dressed up as a Wolf, Chicken, Reaper, Ghost and Scarecrow. As if that wasn’t entertaining enough, he has started creating more. If you click on the picture above, you will go to his Halloween Orcs Warband thread on TBMF where he has the WIP of the next Halloween Orcs: a Witch, Mummy and Grave Robber.

Warboss Kurgan is also the mastermind behind the Fishmen of Sartosa. As you can tell Warboss Kurgan is ridiculously good at creating awesome, custom warbands.

I think those are my two favorite custom warbands of all time. So much character and comedy.
-Ashton Sanders

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