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Removing Paint from Plastic Models

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Author: Ashton Sanders

My brother and I got into Mordheim when it came out in 1999. As teenagers, we had very little affinity for a good paint job. We just wanted to get our minis on the table and kick the trash out of eachother. We had a blast, and Mordheim became a very fond memory for the both of us (and friends, too).

But because of how little we cared about our paint job, I know cringed whenever I look at the paint jobs on my old minis. Thanks to Tom, and other painting sources across the internet, I’ve slowly been learning how to paint well.

So now that I’m ready to paint some awesome Mordheim Miniatures, I have decided to remove the paint from a bunch of my plastic models and metal models. I have already tried Tom‘s Brake fluid, and it works fine except for how toxic it is.

I mentioned earlier how I found a great article on removing paint with simple green. So I grabbed a pile of my plastic and metal models with bad paint jobs, one bottle of Simple Green and 1 (clean) cottage cheese container.

Mordheim plastics before Stripping Paint

Mordheim Dissembled minis

Time to mix:

Plastics in SimpleGreen

Then I waited. I was only planning on waiting for a week or so, but it was over a month before I came back to it. Luckily there was no harm done by leaving my Mordheim Minis in the Green Sludge for a very long period of time.

I took out a couple of peices

After soaking in simplegreen for a month

And scrubbed them furiously with a spare toothbrush, until:

After scrubbing with a toothbrush

This actually took a fair bit of time. I would scrub furiously with the toothbrush, and then I’d use the tip of a razorblade to get the paint out of the crevices. In a week, I got the whole tub done:

Simple Green Cleans the filth of Teenage Mordheim

Mordheim bits

Yeay! Now I have no excuse to get back to painting!…
Ashton Sanders

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