Jul 28

Sanders Mordheim Game 1

Mordheim Games
Author: Ashton Sanders

My family came to visit me for a week, which is why I haven’t been able to update the blog in a little bit. But the best part about this is that my brother came too. This is the brother who originally purchased the Orcs and Goblins warband that I have been having so much fun with.

To say the least, we have been very busy this last week, and I’m now behind in my work, but we did sneak in some time to play a great game of Mordheim: Ashton Sanders’ Skaven vs. Brother’s Orcs:

We played a normal game. The Orcs took the starting warband that I used for my last campaign: 5 Orcs, 5 Gobblins and 5 Squigs. I took 6 heroes, 4 vermikin and 4 rats. ( I didn’t have time to figure out the cost, so I just guessed.)

Round 1 went pretty smoothly with everyone moving towards the center. The Orcs were split into two main groups and the Skaven were grouped as one.

Round 2 and 3 was when the Skaven made a horrible choice. Since the Orcs had split into two groups, the Skaven split their forces into two groups intending on meeting each group head on. Unfortunately the Orcs superior maneuvering tactics centered both groups onto the closest group of Skaven.

Here you can see all of the Orcs ganging up on one group of Skaven.

Mordheim Skaven vs Orcs

In the shooting phase just before this picture, all five Orc and Goblin warriors on the right hand of the screen killed 2 skaven with bows and a well cast Zapp! You can also see the Squigs making quick work of the giant rats.

In the next round, the Skaven got to do a counter charge, but didn’t end up killing anyone. The Eshin Sorcerer with the cape and claws (closest to the camera in this next picture) successfully cast Black Fury. It was my first time with the spell and I needed a good kill, so I foolishly had my sorcerer charge the Orc Shaman (black model at the back of this image:)

Mordheim Close Combat

Here you can see the second group of rats finally getting into position to back up their comrades.

Mordheim Orcs vs Skaven

The plan would have worked well if I didn’t roll so many ones… After not even wounding the shaman with four attacks, the shaman stunned the sorcerer with the handled of his blade.

That was the Skaven’s fourth rat down, so I had to do a leadership test. I rolled two ones! Without flinching, my rats fought on, killing a couple squigs and a Orc Hero! Unfortunately, the next time around, the Skaven Leadership test yielded two sixes… giving up the battle to the Orcs.

Good game by all,
-Ashton Sanders

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