Jun 25

Spring Cleaning

Author: Ashton Sanders

After a productive 8 months of hiding in a spare bedroom, I have finally been discovered and kicked out. The missus demanded to have her spare bedroom back. Here’s a shot of my Mordheim area for the last 8 months:

Mordheim Workspace

I packed up all of the Styrofoam I’ve been hoarding for the last year into four large cardboard boxes and moved them out to the “garage”:

Mordheim Packing Foam in boxes

With the bulk of the “space takers” gone I have been moved into the “game room”:

New Mordheim Workspace

The best part of this is that I now have a card table to put my Mordheim Board on and a place to play!

-Ashton Sanders

(P.S. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my Mordheim Terrain Elevation, and I should have some new pictures soon.)

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