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Montana Mordheim Campaign 1 Game 6

Mordheim Games
Author: Ashton Sanders

We played another game on the 14th, but I’ve been so busy I wasn’t able to write/post it until today.

Mordheim Game Setup:

My board and my models are not completely painted yet, but I have enough terrain to make a very crowded board. I feel that a nice cramped Mordheim board with few open spaces is how the destroyed city really should be like. The upside of such a crowded board, so that shooty warbands have a tough time getting shots off; enforcing the Close Combat emphasis of the Mordheim Game.

Here’s a shot of the board:

Mordheim Table - Game Begins

The Orcs and goblins, lead by Ashton Sanders, set up into three groups. The group on the far side of the board was made up of 5 orcs. The middle group included 5 squigs, two Goblin herders and the Orc Shaman. The final group was a ‘shooty’ group made up of three short-bow goblins and one Orc Hero with a bow.

The Skaven warband set up in a straight line directly across from the Orcs.

Mordheim Game 6 Begins

Mordheim Warbands Get into Positions

Round 1 + 2:
In the first two turns the Skaven ran to the outside edge of the table, while the orcs and goblins tried to meet up into one group in the middle of the table. Because of all the terrain, no shots were taken by either side.

Round 3:

Mordheim Warband Tactics

The Orcs did their best to remain hidden in the ruins, one orc (at the bottom of the above image) decided to take a pot shot at the Skaven Sorcerer, but missed.

The Skaven Sorcerer returned fire with a successfully cast “Knawdoom” and with 10 Strength-1 hits, he got two sixes and then two “three”s resulting in a stunned Orc.

Round 4:

The Orcs tried to remain hidden in the ruins to lure the Skaven into charge range. The orc shaman successfully got a “Fire of Gork” cast and knocked the Skaven Sorcerer down.

Mordheim Game in progress

Mordheim Skaven Charge my Orcs

As anyone would know, Orcs are not so good at sneaking around in ruins. On the Skaven’s turn, two vermikin and a nightrunner charged one of my Orc boys who thought he was hiding:

You can see in the background the Skaven Leader and Rat Ogre who were too far away and ended up with a failed charge.

The three skaven didn’t give the “hiding” Orc Boy a chance. They skewered him on the spot. The second vermikin knocked him down and the nightrunner took him out.

Round 5:

Orcs Return the Charge

The Orcs and Squigs returned the charge with one Orc hero and one squig reaching each of the three offending rats. (Yea, those Orc Heroes are using night camouflage to stay hidden in the ruins… they’ll be painted soon… I promise.)

The squigs are the quickest fighters in my warband, and they easily knocked down the two vermikins first, allowing two of my heroes to get the kill. My Orc Boss managed to stun his opponent.

Mordheim Skaven charge the Orcs

On the Skaven’s turn, he got almost all of his remaining rats into combat. The picture above helps to describe a interesting circumstance that I had never experienced before:

The Rat Ogre wanted to charge a Orc that didn’t have enough room for the Rate Ogre’s 40mm base to stand. What do to?

New Mordheim House Rule: Whenever a model charges an opponent and must move other models out of the way, the charging model will be able to charge, and will end up in close combat with the moved models if that player wants them to be.

In this case, I didn’t want my squig and goblin to be on combat with the Rat Ogre, so they were moved out of close combat.

Mordheim Combat

The rat ogre didn’t manage to kill my Orc Hero, but did stun him *whew*. The Skaven managed to kill off a squig as well.

Round 6:

Mordheim Orc Archers do nothing

The Orc and Goblin Archers have done absolutely nothing so far in the game, except sit on a rooftop hoping to get a shot off…

I charged the Rat Oger with some goblins and a squig to keep him occupied and distracted from killing my Orc Hero. The remainder of my Orc Heroes and Squigs charged the normal rats, killing the captain and another nightrunner.

Then something ridiculous happened. My Orc Boss, got a critical hit with his dagger, but didn’t ignore armor saves. This gave the Black Skaven two wounds with a 6+ save… and guess what happened… yea… two sixes:


Great rolling by the Skaven. (As I write this I realize that my 4 strength gave him -1 to his armor save so he needed a 7… oh well.)

The Skaven player wisely retreated.

After The Mordheim Battle

After the battle the Skaven player’s Assassin Adept died, again (14)… which I let him re-roll.

All of my three Orc/squig henchmen who got knocked OOA survived.

There were a lot of level ups on both sides.

It was a good game, and I finally won. =]

-Ashton Sanders

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