Jun 8

Mordheim Terrain Rubble

Author: Ashton Sanders

This weekend has been very productive for my Mordheim hobby. I’ve been able to put some quality time into detailing my latest Mordheim Terrain “Elevation.” Since most of the main structure of this terrain has been created, I am now working on the terrain details; namely rubble.

Mordheim terrain stairs

First, I added small chunks of pink foam to spots where the rubble will be. Then I spread a thin layer of PVA glue over (or around) the pink foam. I then dropped a light dusting of kitty litter, followed by a layer of fine beach sand. This allowed the kitty litter to realistically poke out from the sand (instead of sitting on top of the sand).

Here are a pile of more detail pictures:

Mordheim terrain rubble

Mordheim Terrain Rubble

Since I’m looking to ad as many details to this piece of terrain as possible, I added this “hasty fortification” to one of the broken walls:

Mordheim terrain details

Here are the updated stairs with the kitty litter added as rubble:
Mordheim Terrain Stairs

I’m looking for as many details to add to this piece as possible. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks for looking!
-Ashton Sanders

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