Jun 4

Destroying Mordheim Terrain

Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve spent the last couple days destroying my Mordheim Terrain Elevation (or Mordheim Elevation Terrain or whatever). I worked out a great schedule and I’ve been getting in a couple hours of Mordheim every day! Since this project is in the TG competition, I have put everything else aside to make sure I finish in time (1 more month).

To keep my thoughts organized, I went ahead and “declared” that the North side of this structure is above the letters, and the South side is below the letters. Here’s the pics of my progress over the last couple days:

Here’s the West Wall:

Mordheim Terrain

First I tested out a couple ideas for the tops of the pedestals/short columns/wall braces/whatever. The red “sun” is a piece of cardstock cut with one of those scrap booking paper cut out things.

Mordheim Pedestals

I spread PVA glue over the stairs to glue down small bits of pink foam (cement) and beach sand (dirt). Unfortunately, as the white glue dried, it imploded/disappeared; leaving some holes that I will need to go over again. Here’s a picture of the stairs when the glue was still wet:

Mordheim Terrain Pink Foam

Here is another couple hours of work on this Mordheim Terrain:

Here’s the project as it sits right now:


North side of the Mordheim Terrain


East side of the Mordheim Terrain


South side of the Mordheim Terrain


West side of the Mordheim Terrain

I still have a lot of work left to do on the details; namely more rubble and more work on the pedestals.

Comments & Criticism & Ideas always welcome,
-Ashton Sanders

Update 6/5/08:
I forgot to add the aerial picture:

West side of the Mordheim Terrain

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  1. Heinyken June 4th, 2008 10:16 pm


    I’ve got nothing more than, “Jebus…” That looks really damn impressive, my friend. Holy wow.

    I think the marble is a bit of a strange touch, as are the suns. I don’t really understand what those are supposed to be. Ornamentation? That lasted after the blast even though most of everything else in this courtyard is mostly reduced to rubble? Maybe if you broke the marble in half, you could use a shattered half-globe?

    That sucks about the stairs glue! How strange!

    Really, Ash, this looks amazing. Really well done so far, I can’t wait to see more progress!


  2. Ashton Sanders June 5th, 2008 8:39 am

    Thanks TRoss,

    Everything is definitely coming together nicely.

    The marble and red suns are going to be painted to look like everything else (cement). I’m still toying with it, and may take it out… we’ll see how it looks when it gets painted.

    Ashton Sanders

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