Jun 1

Destroying Pink Foam Elevation

Author: Ashton Sanders

Since my last post, I’ve been slowly hacking away at my section of pink foam that I am using for a Mordheim Urban Hill, and in general for easy elevation. I have also cut some low walls and pillars for the terrain. Here is a view from the front:

Mordheim Terrain

And here’s the back:

Mordheim Terrain

As you can see, I’ve cut up the pink foam a lot. I did my best to make the tiles look like they cracked from some heavy pressure. More images will come later with close ups of how the cuts look. All the walls in the above images are just set in place (not glued down). Here is one section of wall that has been “destroyed” and glued down:

Mordheim Wall Elevation

I still have a long way to go, but I’m working at it. I also have a pile of great ideas churning in my mind. =]
-Ashton Sanders

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