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Ashton Sanders’ Orcs and Goblins

Mordheim Warbands,Orcs and Goblins
Author: Ashton Sanders

Mordheim Warband

When I first started playing with Orcs and Goblins, my brother put together a ridiculous warband with a bunch of goblin fanatics and a troll, etc. I picked up the rulebook the other day, and put together a couple sample warbands.

To Troll or not to Troll?

This is definitely a difficult question, since Trolls are so bad-ass. They have a 4+ armor save AND they will NEVER die. If they get taken out of action, you don’t even have to roll to see if they live. They just keep on living. But on the other hand, Trolls cost 200gc plus a 10-15gc/game upkeep, which can really drag trying to make a lot of money (esp in the beginning of the game). This lead me to create two sample Orcs and Goblins Mordheim Warbands. First, I created a warband without a Troll, since that extra 200 gc will help me to fill up on Squigs and Goblins right from the get-go.

Mordheim Orcs and Goblins Warband #1 (without troll):

1 – Orc Boss – Sword Axe Bow – (80 + 25) – 105
1 – Orc Shaman – Spear dagger Bow – (40 + 20) – 60
2 – Orc Big ‘Uns – Sword Axe Bow – ((40+25)x2) – 130

1 – Orc Boy – Axe dagger Bow – (25 + 15) – 40
3 – Goblins – Short Bow, dagger – ((10+5)x3) – 45
2 – Goblins – Squig Prodders, dagger – ((10+15)x2) – 50
5! – Squigs – 60

15 (5 orcs, 5 gobos, 5 squigs) warriors
490 gc

As you can see, I have filled up on all the starting heros (all 4 of them… grr) and armed them to the teeth. I also was able to get the maximum amount of Squigs! Squigs are a little crazy, and unpredictable, but they do have Weapon Skill 4 and Strength 4 for 14gc! They also don’t have animosity. Speaking of which, my only real draw back with this warband is having 6 warriors with animosity…

I thought I’d see what would happen if I got a troll:

Mordheim Orcs and Goblins Warband #2 (with troll):

1 – Orc Boss – Axe Dagger Bow – (80 + 15) – 95
1 – Orc Shaman – dagger Bow – (40 + 10) – 50
2 – Orc Big ‘Uns – Axe Dagger – ((40+5)x2) – 90

1 – Troll – 200
2 – Goblins – Short Bow, dagger – ((10+5)x2) – 30
2 – Squigs – 28

9 (4 orcs, 1 troll, 2 gobos, 2 squigs) warriors
493 gc

The biggest problem I have with this second warband is not having a henchmen Orc to work on getting xp and hopefully “that lads got talent” so I can get some more heroes. I’m also thinking of giving the boss a sword instead of a bow.

Both of these are good starting warbands, but I think I am definitely leaning towards the first one. Starting with 15 decked out warriors is a very sweet thing. I’ll do a couple tests when I have some time, and see how it goes.

-Ashton Sanders

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